Monday, August 2, 2010

Daddy's Playday

The boys refer to the weekend as "Daddy's play day".  I am asked most mornings if it is Dad's play day or not.  Finally the weekend rolled around and here is what we did on Daddy's play day.

We went to the skate park so the boys could watch the skateboarders. They ran and played in the grass while we were there.
We spent most of Saturday at the DMV.  We had been putting this off but decided we needed to just go and get it done.  It was a little sad handing over our New York licenses.  We are proud owners of Washington ones now though.  I was reminded how much torture it is at the DMV.  Luckily you only have to renew every few years. 

When that was finally over we went to the "mammoth site".  The boys have been pretty into dinosaurs and digging for bones.  When we heard there was a mammoth dig site that was offering free tours we knew we had to take the boys.  There wasn't really a ton to see there but we all thought it was worth it and pretty amazing that the bones of animal that lived so long ago were just there for a farmers tractor to bump into. The femur bone was huge. 
We hurried home and snuck in a little nap.   Then ventured out to our new favorite bookstore and back home for dinner.

We also started our week long babysitting job.  It might be the best babysitting job ever.  It's a fish named bubbles.  The boys love sitting and watching him.  I just hope we don't kill it.

Sunday was a nice family day and now it's Monday and the week starts again. We all enjoyed Daddy's play day and can't wait for the next one.

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Marianne Thayne said...

Love the last picture with all the books--Adele setting up and paying attention too. Very nice. It sounds like you are adjusting to your new life.