Sunday, August 15, 2010

Oh what do you do in the summertime?

-Do you make a blanket fort and take your nap in it? I told them if they were good they could sleep in the fort. I thought they might have trouble sleeping in it and just want to play but they slept for 2 1/2 hours in it.
Do you play in the mud (for four hours straight)? I told the boys they could go out and play.  they asked if they could get dirty. I said I didn't care.  This is what I got!!!  They loved it so much.  I kept sneaking out to watch them.  I would hear them say "you don't have any mud on your back, let me get it for you"!
-Do you sit in the car with the air conditioning on? 
-Do you go to the park and get yourself wet? Garret would love being wet ALL the time.  Spencer is funny because he loves it but he runs over gets a drop on him then runs away.  Then does it again.
-Do you eat ice cream? We went to the "soda fountain" it was lots of fun and so yummy.  Adele got a little taste then wanted MORE.
-Do you wash the car (aka water fight)? We filled the cooler up to put water in while we washed the car.  We looked over and Garret had jumped in. 
-Do you work at the "dig site"? After our trip to the mammoth site the kids have been looking for something in our yard.  They have been working pretty hard.  Hailey came up to me the other day to give me the report she said "I have good news and bad.  The bad news is one of the holes didn't lead anywhere, the good news is we are working hard and found some places that look pretty good".
That's what we have been doing in the sun!!!


Sarah said...

Sounds like you're all doing great! We miss you!!

Anonymous said...

That's sounds like a lot of fun things to do in the summer...I especially like playing in the mud & sitting in the car to get cool... I played in the mud was I was the kids age & I sit in the car to get cool now... Anyway, love all the pictures!!!!! Thanks for sharing,
Missy Grandma

Debbie said...

Those pictures were great !!!!! I thought I just might laugh my head off. I am so glad that you are all having so much fun there.

Love, Mom

Marianne Thayne said...

I love the mud pictures and the ice cream ones too, well all of them. What fun. I laughed right out loud when I saw them.