Friday, August 13, 2010

The Wonderful World of Garret and Spencer (and sometimes Adele when they let her play)

As I set checking my email I overheard this-

Garret (in a very serious voice)- "I just heard on the news last night that a huge giant is coming to destroy the town"
Spencer- "you did"
Garret (While putting on his helmet and getting his bow and arrow ready)- "I must go and fight so I can protect the family"
Spencer- "I will go with you"
Garret- "It is going to be very hard and you will have to be very brave"
Spencer- "I am brave and we will be together"
The next I couldn't really decipher I heard "ka-pows" and "hi-yahs" and "look out" and "are you ok" and "We did it"

While waiting for Dad to come home-
Garret- "Spencer if you bark like a dog when Dad comes home he will think we got a pet"
Spencer-"woof woof- does that sound good"
Garret- "yeah he will think that is real, definitely"

Garret- "Spencer our mission is go to the land of the oogieboogie and bring back the bloogeybagoogy"
Spencer-"Ok, are there any snookers"
Garret- "yes we must be very careful"
Spencer- "I'll bring my freeze spray with me"
Garret- "yeah that will be good, hurry lets go"

I love it when they play pretend together.  They can go anywhere and be anything when they play.  Sometimes I wish I could be their age and have a couple long carefree  days- free of worries, full of adventure and silliness. 


Jess said...

That is so cute! Your boys have quite the imagination. I love reading about all the silly things they do!

Marianne Thayne said...

That is cute. How fun to just listen. Someday I hope to meet these cute creative kids of yours!