Friday, September 10, 2010


It's hard to believe it is September already.  Time is really flying by. 

The cousins came over to watch a movie the other day and I thought they all looked like little zombies.  I didn't watch with them because Adele was awake but I could tell they were enjoying it  because every so often I heard ALL the kids laughing together.
We took a weekend trip to my parents so we could visit and Tyler could work on secret projects in the shop.  My Grandpa gave Adele this Jack in the Box and the boys some wood alphabet blocks he made. She loves the Jack in the box and gets excited every time it pops out.
While we were visiting my grandparents, the kids got out a few of the games I remember playing as a kid.  They loved them and it brought back a lot of memories for me. 
The boys turn into crazy tree climbers whenever we visit my parents.  They love trees and the woods and everything that comes with it.
Uncle Dan is always playing the boys.  It looks like he is getting a little crazy but he wasn't.  They were just having fun.  He even took them on an outing to Cabellas.
Tyler worked in the shop but won't tell me what he is making.  I picked lots of blackberries and had a great time with my parents.

On our way back we stopped by my good friend Nichole's house and she followed us back to Yakima.  Her husband is in Iraq so while he is gone her schedule is a little open.  I am glad she let me enjoy her and her boys for a few days.  We really didn't do anything exciting but we had so much fun. She is great to talk to and we talked A LOT!

We also went walking every day and on the first outing we ran over the worlds most evil plant and popped almost all of the tires on our strollers.  Getting back was interesting.  We did learn how to change them so I guess that's good.  And we got a good laugh out of it because really what are the odds that so many tires would pop on the same day when you are out with 5 kids?

The kids played dress-up, did crafts, played outside, read books, and thoroughly enjoyed each other.  It's been a great week!


Anonymous said...

We always enjoy all the pictures, everyone growing so fast & having so much fun together!!!
Love, Grandma & Grandpa

Rachel said...

Garrett is so tan!!! I love all of your stories, and I think Adele is just as cute as a little button.