Thursday, October 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Adele

Yesterday Adele turned one.  She started off by the boys giving her an armload of stuffed animals to play with. They wanted to make her happy.
 Then she enjoyed a breakfast of peaches and cereal. Then to celebrate in one year old style we played some "where's your belly".
 And at snack time the boys used sippy cups with Adele.  They thought that was SO funny.  Garret said it was hard to drink out of.
 Then we played a few rounds of "honk the nose".
 A few minutes of "Get the sock".
 We decided to mix things up a bit and headed off on a walk.  We walked to the candy store and got her a chocolate sucker.  She loved it.

 Then we walked around a couple stores to kill some time.  Then we went to the library to see the visiting firefighters.  She actually seemed to enjoy it just not the moment of the picture.  The firefighters really enjoyed Garret.  He kept asking questions and telling them he wanted to be a fire fighter so they let him be part of a little demonstration.
 He got a little nervous during it but at the end he said he loved it.  They told him that he had gotten hurt on his bike and that he wasn't wearing a helmet.  He looked up at them and said "but I always wear my helmet".  I had to explain it was just pretend.  At the end they told  him he should be a fire chief someday and he thought that was the best compliment ever.  He told everyone about it.
 Back to Adele.  She spent the afternoon playing. When Tyler got home she opened her presents. 
 She loved them all and has been enjoying them ever since. The boys were excited about the book they bought together for her.
 FINALLY it was time for cake.  She really enjoyed it but wasn't as enthusiastic as I had anticipated. She ate a lot for dinner so I don't think she was hungry and with all the kids around there was lots of action to watch.

 She did get pretty messy though. So into the tub she went!

 Then she read books with Dad.
 And looked like this shortly after I laid her down.
It was a very fun day with our little sweetie-pie.  We all had fun trying to think of games and things she would like. I think she had a great first birthday. She finally got to eat a spider!  Now she is one- Happy birthday Adele.


Marianne Thayne said...

Very nice and I love the pictures. Seeing the firestation pictures made me feel like I was there. So cute! Sounds like you filled her special day with lots of fun. You are an awesome mother!

PapaFordham said...

It looks like Adele had a very fun 1st Birthday... Thank-you for all the cute pictures, she had quite a day for a 1 year old...
We're so excited to play with her, & get to know her better...
Love, Grandma & Grandpa

Alicia said...

Honestly, if you would have asked me how old Adele is, I would have said 5 months, max! Where did the year go?! She is so darling, you have such beautiful children. Happy Birthday!

Oh, and your spider cake looks professional!! Amazing. And love the story behind it, too!