Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sweet Little Deli Belly

Can you believe it? Tomorrow it will be a year since this little bundle of joy joined our family!  Oh how we love this girl.
She has already had quite the life.  She has lived in two states that are about as far away as they get.  She has been all over.  She is a little trooper that's for sure. 

She is growing so big.  She has 8 teeth and more on the way.  She has a handle full of words-  She says nana when she sees a banana, she says Dad (it sounds like daddo), she says hi and bye, she says nigh-nigh at bed time, she says uh-oh.  She also is pretty good at mimicking the sounds she hears.  When all her cousins were over we all would say kyle and then she would say it. 

She has a lot of little tricks.  If we say "hey Deli, where's your belly?" she flashes us all (hopefully she only does this while she is a baby!).  She loves beeping noses.

She is learning to walk.  She took six steps today and gets better all time.  It's very cute and wobbly when she walks.
She thinks she is so funny (she is).  She laughs at herself all the time.  She has an adorable laugh.  She is also very friendly and smiley.  

She gets very excited when she sees animals.  She loves to wave at everyone.  She starts "singing" when everyone sings at church. 

She is a great sleeper.  All night and usually two good naps. She is a pretty good eater. She doesn't seem to like milk much and still spits up a lot if she has it.  

 She loves her brothers and they love her.  Sometimes if she is the first one up we let her go in the boys room and she goes to their beds and gets so excited when she finds them.  They watch over her and always try to make her happy.
 She has a feisty little streak.  We don't see it too often.  Usually only if she is tired.  Occasionally we worry about the day she becomes a teenager!

She has so any nicknames- Deli, Deli-belly, Deli-bean, Dels, Delsey, Smelly deli, little miss, missy moo, baby sister, sister sue, little lady, deli-oh-deli, baby love.....
 Adele is a little ray of sunshine in all of our lives.  She keeps us busy.  We are always chasing her around and stopping her from going in the bathroom, and pulling dirt out of her mouth (and spiders- more on that later).  She is a gem, a doll, a sweet sweet baby, a darling little girl that we adore and couldn't imagine life without.  she makes us smile and laugh.  She makes us keep our floors very clean and helps us burn calories!  She adds her own light to our home.  She turns her Daddy into a softy and her Mom to mush.  She can get her brothers to do just about anything.  What can I say- We just adore our little Adele.

How did the year go by so quickly?  Why do babies grow up so fast? What a great year it has been!

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Debbie said...

She is such a sweetie pie, and I can't hardly believe how much she is looking like her beautiful mother. What a wonderful family !!

Love, Mom