Sunday, October 31, 2010


Tyler's Mom, Dad and brother came for a visit.  Trenton was here for a couple fun days and Alan and Debbie stayed for an additional week.  We had lots of fun while they were here.

 We went to the skate park.  We all enjoyed watching the kids and trying our skateboarding skills out!

 Even Adele took a turn!  (She is now practically running around and she has turned into a little climber.  She has also gone from saying "mmmmammma" to a well pronounced "Mama" - very cute).
 We raked SO many leaves.  It was nice having extra people around to help- and fun.
 The boys even raked the leaves on the roof!

 We went bowling.  The kids had fun.  Garret stayed focused the whole time and loved it.  Spencer stuck with it almost the whole time.  Trent got a new high (way higher than I have ever gotten).
 Sunday was the primary program.  Garret recited Mosiah 2:17 and he did so well.  He told me after that it was "so fun.  So much more fun than I could have even imagined!".
 Sunday afternoon we shared dinner with some relatives in Seattle.  (I can not remember exactly how we are all related.)  We all had such a nice evening.  The kids were in heaven having three fun eight year olds to play with. 

 One morning we all went fishing.  No one caught anything but Garret got pretty good at casting and everyone enjoyed the fall weather and good company.
 We made a quick trip to a farm.  The kids enjoyed a corn maze, pumpkins and ice cream!
 There was lots of time of just playing at home.  Cars were a hot item this week (they seem to rotate through which toy they are into).  They had fun playing dress-ups one afternoon.
 We did our pumpkins.  Spencer and I ended up with the worlds hardest pumpkins (no joking) so after several attempts at carving we painted ours.  Garret was big enough this year to most of his on his own.  It's always fun carving pumpkins.  Debbie even carved her first pumpkin.
We had a great week.  It was fun sharing it with family.

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aaron said...

Glad to see things are going well for you guys. I am also glad that dental school is behind us.