Tuesday, November 30, 2010


We celebrated Thanksgiving with my family on Friday this year (it worked our better for some of my siblings that were traveling). It is not often that we all get together.  The house is busy and crazy when we are all there together- but I think it is wonderful.  I love all my family and couldn't be more grateful for time spent together.

Anyway we got there Wednesday night and Thursday was spent out in the snow, working in the shop and playing at Grandma and Grandpa's house. 

Friday morning three of my sisters went shopping.  I volunteered to help with the kids.  It was pretty crazy with that many kids but fun watching them all interact together.  They all loved Grandpa!

While they were shopping the boys were off snowshoeing in the snow.  Tyler said it was another fun man out ting. 

Then we all met back up and got ready for dinner.  It was our longest table yet! 

 After dinner we took some pictures.  Here are my Mom and Dad with all their Grandchildren.
And a couple of all of us together.
 We won't all be getting together for Christmas so my parents planned a few Christmas things for while everyone was there.  There was a little fishing game. (No we weren't fishing for Lydia- she just happened to be in a good spot to try and steal the bait!).
 They were fishing from the loft and pulling up little prizes.  Spencer won this attractive pair of teeth!
 When the fishing was done my Mom brought out five big boxes.  She let us take turns picking one.  Inside were books for the family to share and a homemade Christmas quilt.  This crazy Mom of mine finished these up on all her "good days" in between chemo treatments.  We will treasure our quilt always.
 Aren't they beautiful?!!!
 These two are already fighting over who gets to snuggle in it!  I think its big enough for two.
 After the serious presents and the babies were in bed we did a white elephant exchange with the adults.  Here is Stephanie modeling the new mask she opened (she didn't end up keeping it).
 Daniel opened and modeled the growth chart I made- He didn't get to keep it either.
 All the gifts were either really funny or really nice.  There were lots of good laughs!  Thanksgiving was so much fun. 

After all the gifts we sat around talking.  Tyler and I had fun telling everyone we are going to have another baby (that is a topic for another post!).  We  played more games and just had a nice time.

Those were all the big highlights of the day.  Now for the not so good- one kid got sick on Thanksgiving and a crazy trickle effect started from there.  Almost everyone was throwing up within a day or two of thanksgiving.  It will be known as the year of the throw-up I am sure.  It was awful.  As soon as I would think one of my kids was better the next got it.  So gross!  We all survived though and I think it has passed.

We spent a couple days in Shelton after Thanksgiving.  Tyler worked on a couple projects and we spent some extra time with family.  We went to visit Daniel one day and his neighbor had these little puppies. Adele was in heaven.  It was so cute how much she loved them.

 The boys helped decorate the tree (in between throwing up). 
We headed home Monday afternoon.  We had a great thanksgiving.  We have so much to be thankful for!


Marianne Thayne said...

I love the pictures and the quilts all turned out so nice. I bet you will remember the Throw Up Thanksgiving the same way we all remember the Chicken Pox/Lice Luncheon!

Lindsey Phillips said...

What a great and sad Thanksgiving!!! Sad about everyone getting sick. The quilts are amazing!

Mike, Kalie, Jason, and Lexie Borynski said...

Congratulations on the NEW BABY! When is the little one due?!

Sarah said...

Another baby! Congratulations!!!

kristenita said...

pregnant! I read this post the day you posted it, but apparently I missed the announcement in there until your post today!! congrats!