Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Eve

We always eat our big dinner on Christmas Eve.  Everyone worked together to make the food.  The kids were great helpers.  They helped with the food and each had some of their own jobs.  One of Garret's was to pick something for a center piece.  He put the nativity on the table and then spent a while organizing the pieces so they were just right.  Spencer picked out the music for the night.  We were all so full after our yummy dinner.

 Especially our Deli-girl.  She went to town on the potatoes!
 I made them all matching pajamas again this year.  I had a lot of fabric left so I made the boys each a pillow case that matched their jammies.  I think they thought they were jumping around in!
 They all looked so cute in their new jammies.

The kids were so excited all day I thought they might have a little trouble sleeping- they didn't!  They all crashed and slept soundly all night.

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Marianne Thayne said...

I love the jammies. That is a fun idea. Looks like good food too.