Monday, December 27, 2010

A Quick Christmas Trip

Christmas afternoon we headed to my parents.  My grandparents were throwing their annual Christmas party on Sunday the 26th.  Living in Buffalo we were not able to make it to very many of them.  Even though we couldn't go for very long it was well worth the trip. 

We spent Sunday evening with my parents.  Here is my Mom all decked out!  Her chemo makes her extra sensitive to the cold.  She received several cold weather presents.  I hear she went to the movies like this!
 My little sister Leah came later that night and we had a great time talking and being together.  Sunday morning everyone played with the kids and relaxed.
 After church we headed to the party. Every year there is a white elephant gift exchange.  It is not your typical bring something funny (although there are some funny things), most of the gifts are nice and get exchanged a bunch of times.   There were homemade wood projects (a chess board, a bowl, a stool), there were nice gifts from the store (mag-lites, books etc) and there was a blanket made by Grandma.

 We had the blanket in our possession for a little while.  It was getting traded a lot so I told Spencer to lay on it and pretend to be asleep.  Who would steal from that cute little guy?!  Well, Harrison was brave enough to give it a try.  He tried prying it from under him that didn't work, then he picked Spencer up to get him off the top (He stayed attached to it and didn't let go).  I finally told Spencer to just let go.  We were all laughing but Spencer was taking it very seriously and suddenly broke into tears.  Grandma couldn't handle someone crying over one of her beautiful blankets.  She disappeared to her room and return with a small blanket it wrapped it around him and told him to keep it.  He held on tight just in case!  In the end we won the other blanket as well.  And a handmade bowl filled with pistachios!  It was a great game. 

One other classic moment in the game was when Mom pulled the sick card. Mom isn't really one to take advantage of the sick card.  She had one of the coveted presents and someone came over to steal it.  She looks them right in the eye and says "You would take that from me, I have cancer" (or something along those lines).  She was busting up the whole time- if only she had kept a straight face she probably could have taken any gifts she wanted!
 After the game Rachel and BJ showed us their musical talents.  I was impressed (I only wish I were musical).
 Uncle Brent surprised us all with one of his card games.  He made his own card game (who does that?!)  I thought it was so cool.  It's called Grandpa Beck's Golf and you can actually buy from amazon and stores. 
 My Grandpa Beck always comes up with games for the kids to play.  The kids think the games are so fun.  We always look forward to the games- what will Grandpa come up with next year?!
The party was  worth the drive it was so good seeing relatives and sharing part of the holiday with them.  Spencer asked when we could  have a party there again.  We left around seven and headed back to Yakima and the Christmas mess we left behind!!!

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Anonymous said...

But I did wear the funny hat. It kept my ears warm.

Love, Mom

P.S. You sure made Christmas fun and meaningful for your family