Saturday, February 27, 2010


We are getting hit with snow around here. This morning we got up and went sledding.
It was SO fun. The boys were so brave. The hill is pretty big especially for the little guys. They went together, by themselves, with all of us...they tried tricks, threw snowballs and had a great time.

Tyler even took Adele down once. It really was so fun. Now that we got in a great morning of sledding I am ready for the snow to be gone and spring to come.


My friend Alicia "tagged" me. I am pretty sure I haven't been "tagged" or at least I haven't done one in at least a year. So here goes nothing....

4-cluster answers to questions:

4 shows I like to watch-
-The Olympics (not sure that counts as a show- but I really love them)
-I know my list is a little sad but I really don't have any "shows". Occasionally I'll flip channels, but very rarely. We watch movies sometimes if we have nothing else to do.

4 things I'm passionate about:
-My family- I love them and can't get enough of them.
-Reading- I am almost always reading something and I LOVE discussing what I read.
-Planning- It's a weird one I know but I am always busy planning for something (I like to be prepared)...ex. buying ahead for Christmas, buying kids clothes ahead, planning parties ahead, setting goals, food storage etc...
-People- I really love people...I got my degree in studying people and I feel passionately about people; taking care of people, analyzing people, teaching my kids how to treat others, I love meeting and knowing my neighbors...etc.

4 phrases I say a lot-
-"like"- I hate that I use this word as often as I do. I can hear myself saying it but unless I really focus it comes out before I can catch it and keep it in.
-"What I mean is"- I guess I can get tongue-tied when explaining thing
-"Shut up an kiss me"- OK I don't really say that, but I think Tyler would love it if I started using it!
-"I love you forever"- It started when we were dating and has become a common phrase around our home (it even says it inside my ring).

4 things I have learned from the past-
-Hindsight explains most things- Looking back so many things that didn't seem to make sense at the time do now and when life doesn't make sense now I try to relax and know it will someday.
-If you spend your time looking for positive things you will find them.
-If you lock your kids in the car with the keys the police will unlock the car for free.
-When my Mom said "we would always be her babies" she meant it. My oldest is four (still pretty little, but acting so big) and he is still my baby. We don't really understand our parents until we become one.

4 places I would like to go-
-Thailand- I did a report on it in 7th grade and have wanted to go since- plus I love pad thai and I better it's way better there- if that's possible.
-All fifty states- I know that is more than one place but I have a goal to go to all fifty states and I think I have been to 33 (or something like that).
-Italy- Mostly because Tyler has always wanted to go...and if he goes I'm going.
-On a cruise- We've never been and it sounds fun.

4 things I did yesterday-
-Cleaned my house- of course.
-Got Adele to giggle - it is so cute.
-Went for a walk with the boys in the snow.
-Visited "Grandma Bates" my neighbor. She cries every time I visit now because she doesn't want us to go. Breaks my heart.

4 things I'm looking forward to-
-Dental School ending- It's bitter-sweet but it's time.
-Road trip- We plan to take a road trip across the country, when we move (We have tons of fun stops planned along the way. I told Tyler we will probably all be crazy when we are done but the memories will be worth it).
-Family- Getting to see more of our families when we are back out west (I have a nephew I have never even met)
-Anniversary- I know I ruin Tyler's surprises a lot, but I love them and that is why I go to such great lengths to figure them out...and I love celebrating us!

4 things I love about winter-
-Sledding- It is my favorite winter sport (if it even counts as a sport).
-Fleece Sheets- Tyler got me fleece sheets for Christmas and I love them. They are never cold like the other ones.
-Winter holidays- They are long past but they were wonderful.
-Footie pajamas- I love how cute my kids look in the full body jammies. I think this may be Garret's last winter in them.
-I know this makes five but I'm writing them so I get one more- "Warm spots"!!! My kids love sitting in front of the heater. Every time they turn on they run to them and plop or sprawl down in front of them. Sometimes they crawl out of bed in the morning and lay by them and go back to sleep- too cute.

4 things on my wish list-
-A library- I already have a ton of books (everyone is going to die when they help move my boxes of books). I love books and I can't wait til I have a beautiful room just for them. I'll spare you the details (at least for now) but I have it all designed in my's perfect and there is a good chance if you can't find me I'll be there.
-Volleyball- I hope where we move there is a team or at least an open gym I can play at. I have missed my sport so much.
-Two bathrooms or at least a fully fenced yard (you know so the neighbors can't see when one of the boys runs out back)
-Counter space- I love my house but lets face it there is NO counter space. You make think I am exaggerating...I am not. In order to use my crock pot, I have to turn the toaster.

Tag 4 people- about Anna, Heather, Stephanie and Leah- If you want to!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Commercial TV

I am not very big into kids watching TV. In the summer I was really good about one movie a week...since the snow started falling and I have been busy cleaning they have watched a little more but still not much. Normally if they get to watch anything it's a movie or PBS.

The other day we went to the dental school to eat lunch with Tyler. He was still with a patient so we waited. There was a TV in the room and an infomercial was on for exercise equipment. Garret was mesmerized. Since then whenever I say I should exercise I have to listen to things like "you should buy the air stepper". I try to explain to him that I could do other things but then he says "but Mom you would get rapid results and it's fun" , "plus it's the best thing on the market and easy on your joints".

He is such a sponge!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tid Bits

-We had dinner with friends this weekend. It was so fun- the food was great and the company too. Both of these girls are little chunks- love it!

-We showed our house six times this weekend. One of them was a second showing...cross your fingers!

-Spencer and Garret love telling us we are the best in the whole world...we rather like it.

-Adele seems to believe pooping at other peoples houses is more fun than here.
-I read a book called Still Alice (which was very good) but I now have a fear of Alzheimer's.

-Adele is still the easiest baby to get to smile. She is also loving her voice and spends much of her time saying "ooooooo" over and over.

-Spencer told us he was thirsty 102 times between Target and our house (we counted). He ended with "I am super-duper thirsty". Even after 102 times he still had to wait until we got home.

-Garret loves chapter books. I love it too, don't get me wrong I love picture books but it's fun reading something different and fun sharing a love for reading together.

-What is it with kids and vacuuming, they love it!

-I can't seem to get Spencer to comprehend the fact that us moving to Washington does not mean we are going to live at Grandpa Bob's house.

-Garret told me he wants to skip his next birthday. After asking why he said "I want to stay four so that when Spencer turns four we will be four together, then we can go to primary together and share our clothes."

-Spencer still uses the cutest voice when talking to Adele. He says sweet things like "Hey Deli, it's your big brother", "Hey sweetie-pie", "It's ok, I'm here"...
-I am having a hard time finding positive things about Tyler having to take the boards again. I am really getting sick of it and can't wait til it is over (Tyler feels the same way).

-Is it just me or was this winter pretty mild, I keep waiting for a bad storm to come...either that or I am just getting really used to it. I am excited to go to the park again.
-At FHE last week we all set goals. The boys decided not to have treats for a week (we made an exception for our dinner with friends), it was awesome they didn't ask for treats once. They even got worried about eating a granola bar because it had chocolate in it and they wanted to keep their goals. I think we should do this more often.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Super Bob

Garret came to me and said he had been thinking and he wanted to be a super hero when he was all grown up. This started because I told him super heros weren't real. He thought if there aren't any real super heros...there should be...and it might as well be him. He drew me this picture so I would know how to sew his super hero clothes (when he grows up). I am also suppose to remember the cape is brown, his mask is black, his shirt is black and his pants are brown. On the shirt I am suppose to write "The Greatest Super Hero".
His Super Hero name is going to be Batman and his other name will be Bob. After he told me this part he said "But you can still call me Garret, because I will always be your Garret". Then he thought for a minute and said "Being a super hero is kind of hard work, you have to change your name and try not to be scared of bad guys". I told him he didn't have to be a super hero...but he still wants to be. He said he wants to be a Dad still too and he will protect his kids and me when Im a Grandma or if I am in a fire. He says he will be busy working but since he can run so fast he will still be able to come see me everyday.
He was very cute telling me all this and I was amazed at what detail he had thought out. Hopefully this post will help me remember how to make his costume when he grows up (maybe Ill make it might get more use now) and how cute he was telling me about it.
Anyone who reads this...SSSSsshhhh...Garret doesn't want everyone knowing he is going to be a super hero. Only his family and Grandpa are suppose to know. He doesn't want any girls except his Mom and Dels knowing... !!! Gotta love that kid!!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Selling A House

This is my first experience with selling a house.

There are a few good things about it-
My house is cleaner than normal....I guess just one good thing and it hardly counts because it falls under the less than pleasant category again.

The hard things-
Keeping it clean- We requested four hours notice before anyone comes to look at our house. Usually we get that - sometimes we don't. We get calls from realtors saying "I know you requested four hours notice but could we show it in one hour". I don't want to say "No" because they could be the person that falls in love with our house. Thus, I feel like I must keep it clean at all times. We always have kept it fairly clean. The kids get things out, then put them away but this is to a whole new level.

Plus once I get it clean then what do the kids do...I don't want them to make a mess, but I hate having them watch TV, we figure it out but it can get challenging and I think it wears them out a little too. (I am sure I am making this sound worse than it it- probably because I just got a call from a realtor that wants to come this afternoon and I wanted to take a nap!)

Being sick- All week I have felt a little under the weather and now I get to clean, chase kids and try to get feeling better.

I get my hopes up every time thinking these people will want our cute adorable little house. We have been told a couple times that people really liked our house and were considering it. That is as far as it's gotten so far. At the same time I get a little sentimental about the house each time. I have decided it is better if they look at it with me gone because the one time I stayed home I had to listen to the woman who was looking at our house rip it apart the entire time she was here. It made me sad and upset and I didn't want her to have my house (which she didn't want either).

I know our house hasn't been up for very long yet (how do people do it for months or years?). Hopefully it sells to the perfect people soon. (I think if I ever have to sell a house again Ill get it all ready then leave for a while).

Anyway enough ranting about that I have to go clean because I only have a couple hours until another showing!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Right vs Priviledge

My old high school had a weight room and above the door it said something like "using this facility is a privilege not a right". I have thought about that lately...

There were kids that thought they had the right to just 'hang out' out in the weight room and were so upset when they were kicked out. There were other kids that were just so grateful for the chance to work out at school.

So many things in life are treated like they are a right when really they are a privilege. We (myself included) feel entitled to far too many things that are not something I am entitled to but in fact something I am blessed to have. For example, there are mornings when I feel entitled to sleep in because I was up with Adele at night- when things would go much smoother if I looked at it as a privilege or blessing that there are times I get to sleep in. I would show more gratitude to Tyler, I would feel more gratitude in my heart for his kindness rather than just frustration when I don't get what I 'deserve'.

That is just a little example but it is a big problem. Lately I have been seeing it everywhere. This sense of false entitlement. This idea that we are all due something, that the world should be giving us what we want when we want it.

I have given a couple things away for free on craigslist lately and there are people that show up and are annoyed because I was not available when they wanted to come. And there are people that are so grateful and thankful for this unexpected good fortune.

If we expect things that should not be expected then when they happen we lack gratitude because we 'deserved it'. If when good things came our way we saw them as a blessing then we would feel a deeper gratitude. We would be full of gratitude for so many more things and have so much less disappointment.

This is a mindset I have tried to incorporate more lately and I feel like it helps me so much with my outlook on life. When I am grateful for my one car rather than disappointed because it's not two. When I am grateful for my one bathroom rather than frustrated I don't have two. When I choose to be grateful for the times I see my family rather than upset I don't get to see them all the time....etc.

It got me thinking how do I teach my kids to grow into adults that are ok being poor vs. the ones that think they need to come out of college and have what Mom and Dad have? How do I teach them to graciously help from others but not expect a free hand out? How do I teach them to be the kids that get a low grade and don't automatically blame the teacher?...etc

I think we are headed in the right direction (I just like having a game plan). I feel like it is so important for my kids to have a good perspective on life and how blessed we are to have what we have. I want them to be the kids and adult that know how to be happy no matter what life brings. I want them to be the people that can see the good in everything. The ones that work harder if life gets rough. The kids that take responsibility for actions, not just blame others.

I feel like in order for me to teach them to grow into adults with a good perspective at this point I need to make sure I am that person- I guess that's my game plan for now!

Those are my random thoughts for the night- sorry if they didn't make sense.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sleep Tight

This is always the image I end my day with...three sweet sleeping babies...I just can't get enough of them.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day

Valentine's just kind of crept up on us this year. We made Valentine mailboxes on Wednesday and then made each other valentines. We opened them on Saturday. The kids loved it (of course). Tyler made us all a Valentine but it didn't fit in the mailboxes. Spencer was so funny because when he opened his mailbox he just kept pulling stuff out. He had made himself lots of Valentine's and he loved them all. For Breakfast I made heart shaped biscuits and pink gravy. We spent the day together then got ready to go the church dance. The boys had been excited for this for a long time. We all had fun getting ready.

Adele was my "accessory" at the dance. We had fun dancing at the dance. Not many people actually danced but we did- our kids had been looking forward to it so we couldn't let them down. It would have been more fun if there had been other people dance. The boys were happy though. On the way home they kept saying, I wish the dance wasn't over.

Garret even snuck in one dance with a GIRL!!!
We had a fun day together. We are lucky to be a family! We hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's day.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Cold Winter Days

When the weather is cold and we don't feel like going out, things can get pretty interesting around here.

Dressing up is one of the boys favorite things to do. A new favorite is "Belly Bouncing". They fill up their jammies with pillows or clothes then run into each other, wrestle and roll around. Spencer was so stuffed he couldn't get off the ground.

On Thursday my friends Kandis and Josh had their baby girl. That was the most exciting part of our week. Now we get to celebrate Valentine's day which I am sure will be lots of fun!!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Slowing Down

Adele is four months old. She had her check up today and weighed 15 pounds 12 ounces (90%- last time her percentile was higher) and she was 26 inches long (95%). I think she might be slowing down a little. She did great with her shots. She didn't cry for the first one and only a little for the second. The boys were so proud of her. They kept saying "she is so brave" "did you see how brave she was". Four months have flown by. We love our little girl so much.

Friday, February 5, 2010

A Hairy Day

Spencer decided to cut his own hair today. I am not sure if I ever told him he wasn't suppose to. I know I have talked to Garret about it but I don't know if Spencer really knew it was wrong. Usually if he is going to do something he knows is wrong he runs off to do it or won't tell me about it. He was standing right next to me, I was paying attention to Dels, I look over and snip. Right to the scalp. He got a buzz cut but you can still tell. Tyler decided Garret needed a mohawk. I don't really like it. I say it comes of by Sunday- he doesn't agree....we will see.

Look who finally smiled for the camera!!! This is what Deli is like most of the time. We look in her direction, enter the room, say her name and ta-da smiles from Deli. (Unless she needs something, then it is another story).

In other news-
We showed our house several times this week. One person wants to come back and do a second walk through, hopefully that works out. It is crazy trying to keep it clean, you really never know when people will want to come over.
Garret and Spencer will be getting their pirates tomorrow. They sold homemade Valentine's, collected cans, turned in can donations (thanks Josh and Dave), and sold some of their toys. I am very excited to see their reaction to the pirates tomorrow. I think it will be fun and rewarding. I don't think they completely understand money yet but I do think it was a lesson in waiting and working. Hopefully if we keep teaching the same principles they will end up being money-wise.
Garret is starting to read. Just little words and he needs lots of help still but he is starting to get it. He gets frustrated sometimes and it is a lesson in patience for us both. I am so excited for him to be able to read. I love reading and I know he will too.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Book of Mormon Party

We finished the Book of Mormon again on Sunday (the second time since Garret was born...slow and steady). We always celebrate. This year we had a "Book of Mormon Party". We had "Neefries" and "Ammonade" and other "Book of Mormon Foods". We played Book of Mormon Charades and drew pictures of our favorite parts. It was really fun. The kids loved it. They amazed me by how much they know already. They also crack me up with some of their answers to questions. When asked what their favorite stories from the Book of Mormon are- Garret said "Ammon cutting off the arms" and Spencer said "I'll tell you one, we are all in a rocket with Nephi and Laban" (?). I am glad that scripture reading is part of our everyday life.

On another note. Spencer is hilarious. Here are just a couple examples-

Spencer- "I be a daddy someday and I not pee on the garbage can anymore" (lets hope his aim improves before he is a daddy).

Spencer- "When you be a grandma I take care of you and visit you everyday"

Spencer- "Do you want to play rady the rody with me?"

Spencer- "We gonna move to Washington and live by Grandpa Bob, I gonna sleep in the cabin"

Spencer- "I gonna be a scarecrow and a daddy when I grow up"

Spencer- "I gonna love you forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever...."

Spencer- "Whoopsie-Daisy" (you would have to hear him say it's so cute)

Spencer- "You a bloop-bloop"

Spencer- "Those my friends, I gotta give um a hug" (he loves his teachers at church)

Spencer- "There two Rachels, heeheehee" (he thinks it's so funny that he knows two people named Rachel)

Spencer is so much fun!!!