Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tyler's Worst Patient Ever

We took the kids to the dentist yesterday (aka Tyler). Garret was perfect. He held still, didn't swallow the fluoride, and really enjoyed it.  Spencer tried really hard but between fear and not feeling well he did not do so well.  He didn't like having things in his mouth and made sure everyone knew it.  Hopefully, he does better next time.  Adele was there too but didn't get her teeth checked, in fact I hardly saw her while we were there because she was swiftly taken away by all the adoring dental students.

(Don't worry Spence we still LOVE you!!!...and I might have been exagerating when I called you the worst patient ever, there have been some adults that had about the same level of anxiety as you)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Buffalo Sports

Buffalonians love their sports teams. There are more Sabres (hockey) flags around then Christmas decorations. They love the Bills (football) and the Bisons (minor league baseball). They also love their Professional Lacrosse team the Buffalo Bandits.
I have been to a Sabres game (lots of fun) a couple of Bisons games and now we have been to a Bandits game. A friend of ours gave us tickets so we thought what the heck we will go. I am so glad we did because it was one of the most fun sporting events we have been to. It was fun watching the sport (we have never seen much lacrosse) and the crowd was lots of fun. Everyone was so enthusiastic the whole time. The boys really got into it and even made up their own songs about the Bandits. We sat way up at the top and the boys thought we had the best seats in the house!

Unfortunently after the game Tyler and I started feeling sick and have only gotten worse since then. Hopefully it doesn't last long because we have so much to do in the next couple weeks. Here's a picture of our little sweetheart!

Friday, April 23, 2010


My sister Anna had her baby yesterday. Her name is Lydia Rose and she weighed 10 pounds 2 ounces (that tops Adele- Tyler said we will have to try and have one bigger- I said "nope, she can have that title"!). I can't wait to meet her. In just over a year all of us siblings have welcomed a new addition. It will be so fun to watch them all grow up together.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

These are a few of our favorite places!

Sunday afternoon the sun was shining and we were feeling a little couped up so we went for a drive and took pictures of a few of our favorite places. I wish there was some way to capture all our favorite places. There are hundreds of others we didn't get a chance to drive by. It was a fun little outing. Here are a couple of the pictures.

This house is on our way to the tennis courts we play at. We think it is beautiful. There are so many beautiful old houses here- this is just one of the many we drool over. Garret loves this golf course because it is where he played his first game of golf with his Dad.

It wouldn't feel like Buffalo with out the Dental School.

There are several beautiful buildings on campus.

The Ronald McDonald house is beautiful in many ways. The building is beautiful and it's one of the places we served at frequently in the four years we have been here. Tyler also did service there on his mission.

The Zoo.

Sister's Hospital is where we first met Spencer and Adele.

We will miss Wegmans (the nicest grocery store ever created) and Aldi's (the cheapest grocery store) when we move.

Our Church! We love the people we have met and worshipped with here. We have many many wonderful memories here.

We love our church because of what goes on with in it's walls. We love all of the other beautiful churches in the city because they are everywhere and some of them are so beautiful and detailed they kind of take your breath away. (this is just one we passed by, it's beautiful but not like some of the others).

Wouldn't you love to go to High school in a building like this. There are so many amazing schools, churches, government buildings, mansions. Buffalo sure must have been something in it's day!

Like I said I wish I could capture more of it. Buffalo has a lot of run down areas but there are plenty of beautiful neighborhoods and lots of character. We had a fun little drive trying to capture a small amount of it on film.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Buffalo Traditions

Since we just went to the baseball game it got me thinking about our traditions here. Now that we have lived here for nearly four years we have a whole list of activities that have become a part of our lives. Things we look forward to and measure time by. They are things we JUST DO every year.

When fall comes we go to the great pumpkin farm its part of our lives now. Every year there is maple weekend, baseball games, the zoo family party, heritage festivals,concerts downtown and by the water, Shakespeare in the park and the turkey trot (to name a few). Our kids are old enough they remember these things. When leaves start to change they want to know when we will go the pumpkin farm and when we mention Thanksgiving they wonder what they will wear to the turkey trot.

We love having events we look forward to. I am sure we will find new things to be a part of but it will be sad to leave these ones. We have loved creating traditions here and they will be missed. I hope we find another place that has as many cheap (or free) fun family activities as we have discovered here in Buffalo. I hope we find another place that has such wonderful events to celebrate seasons, heritage, and family.

Happy Birthday To You!

Tyler's birthday is April 30. April 30 is also our anniversary. We like to celebrate both so we just separate the two however works best. For the last couple years we have gone to a baseball game for Tyler's birthday. Today was the best day to do the baseball game so we decided it would be his birthday.

The boys love Tyler's birthday. They look forward to it so much. I think we will be going to baseball games every year for his birthday from here on out. Since they were so excited about it we decided not to cancel even though the weather got pretty cold.

Here is how the celebrations went-
Last night I had buy one get one free at the theater so we went to a movie (just Tyler and I).

Tyler woke up and decided he wanted to open his presents first (he is a kid at heart). He seemed to enjoy them.

This morning we had biscuits and gravy (Tyler's favorite). Then cake for lunch (why not?).

(I had fun making his cake. I worked pretty hard making the baseball look really cool- then I accidentaly smashed it with the lid- whoops!) We put trick candles on his cake and the boys (and I) thought it was so funny watching him blow them out.

We sent him through the spanking machine. This was pretty comical as well. He was a little too big to fit.

After not very good naps (they were too excited) we headed to the ball field. It was about 45 and a little breezy. We were joined by some friends and despite the chilly conditions we had a great time. The boys got to see the bison, try to catch balls, eat peanuts, watch their friend play a game between innings and cheer.
Adele did really well until the rain and wind picked up in the seventh inning. We decided we had all had lots of fun and it was time to head home.

I have a family picture of us each year at the game. This years did not turn out so well!
I think Tyler had a great birthday. I know I had fun celebrating with him. I am so lucky to have him as a husband. He is such a good man. He is good to me and the boys and everyone he is around. I can't believe he is 29 (almost). When I met him he was 21. I love that I get to grow old with him. Happy Birthday Tyler!
On a completely different subject. One month from today we are planning to move (if everything goes as planned). I have very mixed feelings about it all. Someday Ill try to sort through it all.
A couple other pictures from the last little while. We went to bounce magic a few days ago. None of the pictures turned out very well but this one of Adele was pretty cute. She sure is a sweetheart.
And my boys! I am just the luckiest Mama!

Monday, April 12, 2010

6 month stats

Adele had her 6 month check up today. She weighed 17 pounds 6 ounces (75 %), 28 3/4 inches long (over 95%) and her head was 75 percentile. She is doing great. She finally enjoys eating some of the time.

In other news our home was inspected Friday and everyone was happy with the outcome. Because it is a cash loan all we are really waiting for are the papers to be written up. We really like the guy buying the house. He even brought his Grandparents and Mom over the other day to show them the house.

We had a busy weekend. I had a girls night, we went to enchilada party, spoke in church and tonight we did some bouncing at the bounce houses. I have a feeling things aren't going to slow down til we are settled in Washington.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Go With Your Gut

Our house has been on the market since February 1st. We have had TONS of showings but until last week we had not had any offers. We were excited when we found out someone was coming to look at the house for a 3rd time. I ended up being here when she came. She was a nice person but I got a bad feeling about it. It just didn't feel right. Later that day we heard we had an offer. Even then I had mixed feelings- I was excited to have an offer but not excited about how we felt about it. The offer ended up being low, she wouldn't budge much, she had a complicated loan, she had a list of things she didn't like about the house and the whole thing just wasn't right. We said no. Even though we felt bad about it I still hated that we said no and was worried it would take weeks again to get an offer.

That brings us to Monday. We decided to lower our price a little but before it was even changed on the website we had three showings set up. I got to work cleaning and then Tuesday morning I stayed out all morning so that I would be gone for the first showing. When I got home there was a message they were going to be a couple hours late. I ended up being there when they came and I was so glad I was. The people were so nice and they loved the house. I let them know that we had someone coming for the second time later that day. They got all worried and within two hours of the showing they had put an offer in. Later that day we learned the second people had also put in an offer. Waiting until tonight to see the offers was agony!

Tonight we met with the Realtors. Both offers started out the same except that one was cash and one was an FHA loan. We gave both people the chance to go up in price. The cash stayed the same and the FHA went up. In the end after debating a bit we went with the cash. it was a little less money but it felt right. It should be quick to close (May 17th is the plan), they don't have to be approved for a mortgage, they don't have to have anyone else appraise the house. The bottom line was it felt right. The people were really nice (and how cool is it that the guy is our age and has over 60,000), I think they will love our little house and I can picture them living here. They won't put earnest money down until after the home inspection which should be in a couple days so nothing is set in stone but so far so good. I think when we sign papers the reality of all this is going to hit, for now it's just exciting.

Monday, April 5, 2010

6 Months

I just can't believe my little Adele is 6 months old (tomorrow if you want to get technical). She is just the most wonderful little bundle of joy. I can't get enough of her. I wish I slow time down and just soak in all her cute babyness. She is growing way to fast. Here is a little about Deli at 6 months-
-It's hard to think we ever debated names for her. Adele totally fits her. She gets called by a million nicknames and they all are perfect for her.
-She is amazing in the walker. Not only can she walk she can get to where she wants to go. She turns corners and follows the boys around.
-She has one tooth and could have two by tomorrow it's so close.
-She no longer screams when we feed her but she doesn't really eat. She sits with her mouth open and kind of leans forward til it falls out. It's funny and frustrating and the same time. She loves teething on celery and big carrots. She would suck on those all day so it's not the flavor she has a problem with. She just doesn't seem to know how to swallow the mushy stuff.
-She has finally started sleeping through the night. I put her down at 6 or 6:30 and then feed her again 5:30 or 6:00. My fingers are crossed she keeps it up because this is a new thing!
-She is the smiliest baby. All you have to do is look at her and she smiles. I love it.
-She finally figured out how to roll. She has been sporadically rolling for a while but it was always on accident. Now she rolls with a purpose.
-She giggles a lot now and it's so fun.
-She loves her brothers. I can't emphasize this enough. She is absolutely in love with them.
-She loves to play with and eat her feet.
-She is almost always a little trooper. We can drag her around anywhere we go and she does great.
- She drools more than I remember the boys drooling. I can put something clean on her and within and hour it could be soaked from top to bottom. She spits up a lot too.
-Her hair is really starting to grow. It's not long by any means but it seems to be growing more each day.
-She has found her little voice and likes to listen to the noises she can make. The boys think they can interpret what she is saying.
-She doesn't like the sun in her eyes.
-She loves to take baths and kick her legs.
-Sometimes we hear a loud thumping noise at night and it is just Dels kicking her legs up and down her crib.
-She doesn't like being over tired.
-She has only had one bottle in her six months of life and after that first one she would never have anything to do with them again.
-She hasn't taken a pacifier since she was a couple weeks old.
-She sucks on her fingers but not if she is upset.
-She has been sharing a room with the boys since she was about three months old. They don't bother her and she doesn't bother them- I don't know why I was so worried about putting them all in the same room.
-She is a tough little girl. She gets pretty smothered and takes it like a champ.
-She has the thickest thighs. There are so many rolls on them and they are big and squishy. So cute- but definitely something she will want to outgrow at some point.
-She has a little dimple up above her lip.
Adele has been such a great addition to our family. I thought having three was going to be tough and it is occasionally but 95 percent of the time it's more fun than I could imagine. We are so glad we have this beautiful little girl in our family.
I just can't believe I have a 4 1/2 year old an almost 3 year old and a 6 month old baby. How lucky can one Mama get?!

Sunday, April 4, 2010


We had a very nice Easter today. We didn't do any big presents or elaborate parties. The kids got new clothes for church and we filled a bowl with fun healthy foods and one treat each. They thought it was wonderful. I put in kiwi and mangos and things we don't buy very often. I decided back when it was Garret's first Easter I didn't want to do gifts other than church clothes. We just wanted it to be a holiday about the Savior and his Love and his Resurrection. (We still decorate eggs and we hid a few eggs on the lawn on Friday).

We listened to conference today and shared a nice meal with friends. We talked about the Savior and what He did for us. We want our kids to know how much we love our Savior. We hope that we show them and tell this every day but hopefully on days like today they really felt it.

I am so grateful for my Savior. I know that he lives and that because of his sacrafice we can all live again. This truth is the greatest thing- It brings me peace in this crazy world. Hope in the future and joy. I hope that I can learn to reflect his love and example in all that I do. I hope I can help my children develop their own testimonies and love for the Savior.

Friday, April 2, 2010

First tooth

Adele's first tooth broke through today. She had a pretty hard time with it. She was up crying a lot. I can't believe she is old enough to have a tooth (I don't know why I feel this way, the boys both had teeth earlier than this). I think tooth number 2 will be coming soon too. She is getting so big.