Monday, May 31, 2010

Day 13 and 14

First here is a picture of how Adele and Tyler spent much of their week in Colorado.  My poor sick babies.          
Day 13 we went to church in Colorado then visited Tia at the hospital.  We got to hold her cute little baby and say our goodbyes to everyone.  Tia, Michael and kids will be in Kentucky the next four years so it could be a while until we are all together again. We really enjoyed spending time together and it was sad saying goodbye.  We snapped some pictures of the kids before we headed off.
Then we drove 7 hours up to South Dakota.  We were a day late for Grandma Talcott's birthday.  She turned 98 on Saturday.  They let us celebrate a day late with them, we even got to see Tyler's cousin Kevin.  I thought the kids might be a little timid here but they made themselves right at home.  Spencer even made up a song about Aunt Joanne and Uncle Art.  
The boys made their Great Grandma a plaster imprint of their hand prints and were so excited to give it to her. 
Adele thinks that Uncle Art is so much fun.  He tried teaching her to crawl and even though she hasn't figured it out yet she did give him lots of smiles.
Adele also had her first tea-party.  
Day 14 was spent all together after a relaxing morning we went to Story book island.  I think it was the perfect place for the kids.  They LOVED it.  (We did too).  
I think that Uncle Art had a good time too...isn't he a cute Raggedy Anne!!!
Garret loved the train ride...Spencer did not like that he couldn't see us for part of the ride.  Actually he hated it and screamed the whole time.  
We accidently left Tyler with two ladies to push- whoops!
Great Grandma almost didn't come but in the end she couldn't resist an afternoon with the family.  We were so glad she came!
Then just when we thought day 14 couldn't get any better Aunt Joanne served us dinner - it was SO good. We have had a great time in South Dakota so far.  Tomorrow we have another day to spend with everyone here in South Dakota.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Across the country day 7-12

We have spent the last week in Castle Rock Colorado with Tyler's family.  Unfortunately a lot of the week was spent being sick.  Tyler enjoyed being taken care of by everyone (especially his Mom).  Even though we were sick we still enjoyed being together.  We played games together, watched movies, went bowling, to the park, had a water fight (the boys thought it was so fun planning a sabotage), ate tons of food, and best of all we got to be here when Tia had her baby!!!  We were so glad we got to be here to meet little Emilia Helen.  She is adorable and just so teeny!  I think Adele is one lucky girl.  She is SO many cousins her age.  While we were here Adele learned to clap- I think it is so cute.  It was a great week-  the pictures are out of order but hopefully they still show a glimpse of the week we had.

We had a great time in Colorado. Tomorrow we are going to go to church then we head on to South Dakota.  Time to be on the road again...

Monday, May 24, 2010

Across the country day 6

Day 6 we woke up, cleaned Adele's eyes (she had some nasty swollen eyes- it was so sad), got dressed and hurried off to church in Independence.  Everyone was so friendly and nice.  I love that no matter where we go to church we find nice people that believe what we do.  We were so far from home but felt very at home while at church.

Then we visited a few sites. The Independence Visitor's center and we saw the Community of Christ Temple.

 Today we did our longest length of driving- about 10 hours.  The kids did really well at first but the last couple were hard for them.  We made it to Castle Rock Colorado in time to spend a little time with everyone before heading off to bed.  We are going to stay here for a few days before driving on.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Across the country day 5

Today I got to go to the Temple in the morning.  It was beautiful.  The kids and Tyler went and explored a little more while they waited for me.  Then we packed up and went to Carthage.  It was a very solemn place.  Garret seemed to really sense that.  After a picnic lunch we headed from there to Liberty Missouri.  The kids slept for about half of the trek across Missouri.  They did so great.  I don't know why I was so worried about the boys in the trip.  They have done so well.  Spencer still has to pee way to often but by day 5 we seemed to have mastered the side of the road potty break.

At one point in the drive we stopped and got out for a minute.  When we got back in Spencer found a rock in his shoe.  I didn't think much of it but then I turned around and it was gone.  He said "Mom I put it up my nose and I can't get it out."  He had his finger way up there trying to get it out.  I had just a little moment of panic then squeezed the other side shut and told him to blow.  One big blow later a booger covered rock flew out.

In Deli news over the last couple days she has been increasingly mobile.  She not only pivots around but also gets up on her knees and is just about crawling.

We made it to Liberty jail before it closed and toured it.  All of these sites have reaffirmed our testimonies and given us a greater understanding of what the early saints went through.  We are staying the night in Independence and plan to tour it tomorrow after church then set out across Kansas.  I have so many pictures I hope to have time to post soon.

Across the country day 4

We spent all of Friday in Nauvoo.  We went on a wagon ride, played pioneer games, toured more buildings, Tyler went to the temple.  The boys asked over and over again if we could move to Nauvoo.  It was another fun filled family day together....And we got to stay in the cabin again!

Across the country day 3

Thursday morning we made our first stop in Moline Illinois.  This was one of the places my Dad served in on his mission.  We had always heard of Whitey's ice cream so we decided to try it out.  We all loved it.  Tyler even broke the rules and gave Adele a try.  Her first ice cream was Whitey's!

Then we pushed on to Nauvoo.  Right before getting there Tyler stopped to save a turtle crossing the road- I guess he was trying to make up for the dead raccoon. We did a little research on hotels and ended up getting a little cabin.  It was as cheap as a hotel room.  We couldn't have picked a better place to stay.  The boys loved it.  They were ecstatic and thought we should move there.  It was so cute and had a little kitchen.  We had to drag the boys away to get them to go out and see the sights.  We toured six or seven historic buildings that afternoon then went to the missionary show Rendezvous in Old Nauvoo.  They had been looking forward to seeing John Taylor's horse.  They loved the story and thought seeing the real thing was - awesome!  It was so fun.  The boys loved it and gave the performers high fives after.  Day one in Nauvoo was great.  I think it would be so fun seeing my parents in this if they are ever lucky enough going to Nauvoo on a mission!   (There was actually a man there that Tyler and I thought looked like what my Dad will look like in 20 years).

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Across the country day 2

Day 2 was lots of fun.  We were in no real rush so we got up when we wanted and headed out.  We stopped in Shipshiwana because it was a good halfway point.  It is a large amish community.  They were having a HUGE auction and flea market so we walked around and admire all the amish handiwork and the boys loved seeing the animals that were there for the auction.  A very nice amish man let the boys pet his horse and they thought it was the most wonderful thing.  I loved the chance we had to talk about people believing different things and still being great people.  Overall it was a really great experience. (I guess the only picture I took was of the cow the boys thought was so HUGE).

Then  my wonderful husband humored me and took a back road through Michigan so I could officially say I had been there.  All of the country we drove through was lovely.  Then we went on to Chicago. We really didn't do a lot there other than enjoy the architecture and eat Chicago pizza.  We debated weather we liked New York pizza or Chicago better.  It was a tough decision and maybe I am biased but in the end I think I favor New York.

Once again my amazing husband humored me and we took a side road up to Wisconsin and enjoyed the dairy farms of Wisconsin.   And Tyler killed a racoon.  It was gross and sad and we felt bad but there was no avoiding it.  He might have actually done this for himself so he doesn't have to take a vacation to Wisconsin just so I can cross it off my states I haven't been to list.  We drove on a little more and stopped just outside of Moline, Illinios.

Spencer asked me a couple times when we would be going home.  I have a feeling each day he might ask that more and more!  So far though I give the kids an A+*. They have done really well and had lots of fun too.

*Unless we want to factor in Garret sitting on a marker and turning his clothes, car seat and body red.  And Spencer peeing in at least 6 cups in one day!