Saturday, July 31, 2010

Meet Ryan and Rachel

Rachel and Ryan are friends of ours from Buffalo.  Ryan is a dental student and Rachel is a high school English teacher.  They are amazing- not only are they "that couple" that everyone can just tell is in love and happy, they are involved in everything (volunteering, church, sports etc), they find time for everyone and every kid in the world loves them (our boys would get so excited whenever we saw them- seriously, you would think they were celebrities). 

Rachel and Ryan are trying to adopt.  We are so excite for them, they are going to make great parents.  Any child that is lucky enough to join their family will be very blessed.

When Tyler and I found out that they were officially working on adoption we wanted to help spread the word.  If anyone wants to know more about this couple go here.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


These last few days we have been very busy enjoying our time together and the hot summer weather.  I took the kids to the park.
We went to the free movie at the park.  I love these kind of events that bring people from all walks of the community together. The boys thought it was so fun that they could sit outside to watch a movie.
Saturday the church celebrated pioneer day.  My little "pioneers" thought they might like being pioneers ALL THE TIME.
Saturday afternoon we were invited to a work BBQ.  Adele and the boys loved the water.  It was nice putting a face to the people Tyler works with.
Last week I got to watch Anna's kids. I let them set up tents in the living room and that kept everyone happy for several hours!

Life still feels kind of crazy and unsettled right now but we are having fun. We are finally finding our way around, learning where to shop and play.  We are loving our neighbors here (how lucky am I that I get to be neighbors with my sister!). 

 I talked to my neighbor from Buffalo the other day and felt so homesick for Buffalo.  We will always love it there.  Hello to all our Buffalo friends!!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dear Buffalo-

Today I am missing you.  I miss the comfort of knowing my way around, the luxioury of having friends, my neighbors (I talked to sweet Grandma Bates today and just the sound of her voice produced a lump in my throat)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

We love Books!

We love books!  We have been missing our library in Buffalo but today we got our Yakima library cards- and for the last couple weeks we have been walking to the cutest little bookstore and going to their story time.  It feels good to have new books around again.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hope for the Future

There are lots of little moments when I look and listen to the kids and the future seems so bright.  A couple recent moments-

Tyler was explaining to the boys that he would not be home on Saturday because he was going to do free dentistry for people that cannot afford dental work.  The boys ran off and then they both quickly came back with their piggy banks and said they wanted to give money to the people.

That same day Garret lost a nail from a toy and I told him he had to find it so Adele didn't get it.  He looked and looked and finally came to me and said I couldn't find it so I prayed and Heavenly Father helped me to find it.

Garret gave a talk at Church today and he decided what he wanted to say.  He did such a good job and I was so proud of him.

They are not always perfect but I know they are full of goodness.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

This week has been busy already.  It has been full of the usual chores which are suddenly harder because Adele is EVERYWHERE and a few extra things- blueberry picking, cherry picking,  swimming and playing  with cousins.  It has been crazy for a lot of reasons.  I didn't take as many pictures as I should have but here are some from this afternoon.  These kids sure love each other. 

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Twenty Dollar Challenge*

Tyler and I enjoy competition (just friendly competition of course).  Our latest quest to outdo one another is "The Twenty Dollar Challenge".  During the year of Tyler's residency we each have to see how much we can increase our original twenty dollars by.  We can make money however we want.  If we spend anything it comes out of our money, if we go bankrupt we are out of luck. 

We each started with twenty dollars.  I made some "needle holders" and sold them to the quilt shop my Mom used to work at and I have had a garage/bake sale.  My current total is right around 250.  Tyler has made quilt racks and he took a cut from MY garage sale because some of the things that sold were his and he put up all the signs for me.  I think he is around 210. 

So far I have done really well and I have more money to work with now the problem is I am out of ideas.  I can think of things I could make but I don't know where to sell them at.  So I am pleading with my friends out there in the blogging world to send me your ideas (No ideas for Tyler though- just kidding, I want him to do well too....just not as well as me!). 

If you have an idea let me know- I'll keep you posted on the challenge as the year goes on....

*We stole this idea from someone else's blog (I can't remember who- but they get the credit for this fun idea).

Friday, July 9, 2010

She ain't nothin but trouble

Adele is nine months old and she is TROUBLE!  (It's a good thing we love trouble).  She crawls everywhere, pulls herself up on the fireplace, loves to scream (just for fun mostly not because she is mad), she claps, she waves, she sounds like she says "hi" when she waves, she is a good sleeper, she has 4 teeth on the bottom and is working on some others, she loves to eat (and make a mess with her food, which wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't carpeted under the table), she adores her brothers, she loves being outside, she still has super chunky thighs, she babbles all the time, she gets really excited about animals, books and people she loves, she giggles the best for Spencer and Daddy, she loves splashing in the bathtub....She is pretty cute (and busy) at 9 months.  We love our little Deli-belly.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Birthday

Spencer woke up at 5:20 crying.  He kept saying "You forgot my Birthday" over and over.  We calmed him down and he crawled in bed with us.  I am not sure when Garret came in but this is what our bed looked like about 6:45 in the morning.

I made the birthday boy Cinnamon rolls for breakfast.  Then he opened his presents.  He loved everything he got.  Garret spent all the money in his piggy bank on water guns for Spencer.  He was so excited for Spencer to open it.  Both of their reactions were priceless.
We all played with some of his new toys in the morning.  Then we took him to Target where he got to pick out one thing (its a tradition).  He took a while deciding and then picked Lacrosse sticks.  They call it playing bandits (that was the name of the lacrosse team in Buffalo). 

After we got home we decided to let him do his cake.  (Which he loved and when we saw it he said "I love my Monster cake")  His cousins ran over to watch him blow out his candles.  It took a couple blows but he finally got them all out.
Then we put the kids down for a nap.  When they woke up we took them to a splash park.  They thought it was so fun.  Spencer would run in get wet then come back out then run in again.  Garret tried to see how wet he could get.

The late afternoon was spent doing Lego's and eating a dinner of chicken nuggets, quesadillas, corn on the cob and chocolate milk (Spencer picked it all).

After dinner he picked to watch Frosty the Snowman.

I think our little monster had a great day.  He kept saying "It's still my birthday" with a great big smile.  He says he loves being three. We all had a great day and love our little three year old!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Sweet Baby Spencer

This little cutie-pie of mine is turning three tomorrow.  I had to take a picture of him on his last night as a two year old. I made sure to get lots of hugs and kisses from him.  I really can not imagine life with out him. 

There is no way to summarize Spencer at three but Ill try. 

*Spencer has a mind of his own.  He will let you know what he wants, what he likes, what he doesn't like...
*Spencer loves to snuggle
*Spencer thinks it is necessary to scream before he goes to the bathroom...probably because he waits to the last minute
*Spencer makes the funniest faces.  I love his thinking face...
*Spencer still uses a few baby words and  part of me wishes he would use them forever.
*Spencer loves asking "why"
*Spencer sleeps with his rocket ship blanket, his light blanket, doggy and giraffey
*Spencer loves to sing Jesus wants me for a sunbeam, Ballgame and chuck e cheese
*Spencer loves his big brother.  He also loves tormenting him.
*Spencer loves Deli and has a special voice he uses just for her.
*Spencer wants to be a firefighter, a Dad and a deep sea diver when he grows up.
*Spencer has trouble sitting still for prayers and can't seem to close his eyes unless he covers them
*Spencer knows his letters and most of their sounds
*Spencer loves quesadillas
*Spencer calls all his friends his best friends.
*Spencer hates saying goodbye to people
*Spencer calls Tyler's mom his "Missy Grandma" and my Mom "Granny"
*Spencer has to have socks at night time
*If I ask Spencer how long we are going to love each other he says "forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and even when you die".
*He is a deep thinker and asks some questions I don't know the answer to.
*Spencer likes using made up words
*Spencer loves playing pretend
*Spencer enjoys being with people but also seems to appreciate alone time
*Spencer still has a very bouncy run
*Spencer doesn't seem to interested in riding his bike
*Spencer loves to play games and read books
*Spencer loves pretending to be a monster (a cute monster of course) so this years cake is a "cute monster".
*Spencer has been a delightful two year old.  I don't know if that means we are in for trouble when he turns three!

There are so many little Spencer things that just melt my heart.  I can't get enough of this little guy.  He is full of dreams and goodness and spunk.  I hope that tomorrow is a day he will remember.  I hope we can show him in some small way what a wonderful, special boy he is. 
We love you Spencer (I wish I could slow you down- You are growing up so fast).

Tyler and I decorated his cake tonight.  I can't wait for him to see it in the morning.  I think he is going to love it!!! 

Three years ago we welcomed Spencer- we are so blessed!  Here's to three wonderful years with our little "rooster"!

More fun family times

Friday my Mom, Dad, Stephanie, Hector and Natalia came to visit. Stephanie and Hector did not get to see Anna's family because of Lydia being sick so they came here for a quick visit.  We had fun playing with all the kids.  We roasted hot dogs, put on the play and wore all the kids out.  When the kids were in bed we played some guys vs girls tri-bond.  Us girls had a pretty good loosing streak going.  We had one great victory that earned us breakfast the next morning! 

Saturday all the brothers and my Dad met up to go rafting.  They started with all you can eat pizza. 
No one took pictures of the actual rafting or of them in their suits.  They had planned to at the end but there was an injury.  Tyler sprained his ankle pretty bad at the end of the run.  I thought maybe he would regret the trip but as soon as he gimped home he said it was awesome and he would definitely to it again.  It sounds like they had such a good time together.
The boys wanted to take care of their 'lame' father.  They were bringing him drinks, sharing their blankets and anything else they could think of.  I think he might be secretly enjoying having everyone wait on him.

Our fourth of July celebrations were kind of lame this year.  It just snuck up on me.  There was no red, white and blue food or anything fun like that.  I did have some pop its and confetti poppers for the kids.  They were suppose to pull the string at the same time for the picture but that didn't really happen.  Instead they all popped at random but it made for some fun pictures.
The adults got to use the very exciting gun poppers. 
Even though we didn't celebrate too much today we are very grateful for the country we live in.  We hope to always do our part to keep this country great.