Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Surprise Visitor

My Grandpa Gappmayer and his wife Louis have been on a road trip and we were lucky enough to be one of their stops.  It was just a quick visit.  We were glad he decided to stop and see us.  Grandpa has always enjoyed teasing us so he fit a little of that in and even had some candy in the car for the kids. 

When I was little Grandpa nicknamed me Sally and he still remembers that and calls me that.  It was always something that made me feel special.  We always loved our trips to Utah to visit Grandpa and all of our family there.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Welcome to Fruit Country

Now that I live in Fruit Country I thought I better make the most of it.  My Mom came and helped me get started on canning some fruit.  She helped me learn and get going then had to leave - AAAaaahhhhh!  I am happy to report that I didn't give up with her gone and I think my kids are going to have enough fruit to get them through the year.  It was lots of fun cutting and peeling peaches with my Mom.  She is the best!!!

Nothing else really going on.  Just having fun and canning Lots of fruit.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thoughts about Boys

My boys love pirates, swords, bow and arrows, knights, cowboys, dragons and any other kind of weapon you can think of.  Ever since having a boy I have been conflicted about how to handle toy weapons.  I thought at first of outlawing them all together- but they are so drawn to them that it seems impossible.  I can't very well say no sticks, no rocks, no blocks because all of these things can become weapons if  their games call for them. 

I never really felt settled about any of my solutions and then a while back I had a thought that made sense to me.  (Maybe I am crazy and it won't make sense to anyone else).  I was watching them play their games and listening to them talk about defending the castle, I saw them arm themselves and head off to battle.  While I watched I thought to myself- These little boys are going to grow up to be Fathers.  I realized that just like little girls are drawn to dolls (not to say boys don't play with them- mine do) and love to hold and love them.  Little boys have this built in need to protect and provide.  I realized I didn't need to be scared that they love those things I just needed to help them channel that inner desire to protect and provide in positive ways. I need to teach them that it is wrong to want to hurt and kill but that it is good to make sacrifices for families and to defend righteousness. I love that my Dad protected and provided for us and that Tyler does it for us now.  I think I need to teach my boys about violence and weapons and help them understand them but I think it is also good to discuss how good it is to take care of the people we love. 

I am still trying to find a good balance but I don't worry so much when they want to fight dragons and save Princess Adele.  I don't think it means that they are destined to the life of a criminal I think it means they have a strong desire to protect and it is up to me and Tyler to help them develop that. 

Just a thought

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Baby Girl

When we found out we were having a baby girl we were very excited.  Tyler went to Mexico while I was pregnant.  He came back with this shirt and said it was for his little baby girl.  It finally fits her and she looks so cute in it.  Tyler (and I) were so excited to welcome our baby girl to the family and we are still so in love with her and always will be. 

Our Kids!

Oh what do you do in the summertime?

-Do you make a blanket fort and take your nap in it? I told them if they were good they could sleep in the fort. I thought they might have trouble sleeping in it and just want to play but they slept for 2 1/2 hours in it.
Do you play in the mud (for four hours straight)? I told the boys they could go out and play.  they asked if they could get dirty. I said I didn't care.  This is what I got!!!  They loved it so much.  I kept sneaking out to watch them.  I would hear them say "you don't have any mud on your back, let me get it for you"!
-Do you sit in the car with the air conditioning on? 
-Do you go to the park and get yourself wet? Garret would love being wet ALL the time.  Spencer is funny because he loves it but he runs over gets a drop on him then runs away.  Then does it again.
-Do you eat ice cream? We went to the "soda fountain" it was lots of fun and so yummy.  Adele got a little taste then wanted MORE.
-Do you wash the car (aka water fight)? We filled the cooler up to put water in while we washed the car.  We looked over and Garret had jumped in. 
-Do you work at the "dig site"? After our trip to the mammoth site the kids have been looking for something in our yard.  They have been working pretty hard.  Hailey came up to me the other day to give me the report she said "I have good news and bad.  The bad news is one of the holes didn't lead anywhere, the good news is we are working hard and found some places that look pretty good".
That's what we have been doing in the sun!!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

The Wonderful World of Garret and Spencer (and sometimes Adele when they let her play)

As I set checking my email I overheard this-

Garret (in a very serious voice)- "I just heard on the news last night that a huge giant is coming to destroy the town"
Spencer- "you did"
Garret (While putting on his helmet and getting his bow and arrow ready)- "I must go and fight so I can protect the family"
Spencer- "I will go with you"
Garret- "It is going to be very hard and you will have to be very brave"
Spencer- "I am brave and we will be together"
The next I couldn't really decipher I heard "ka-pows" and "hi-yahs" and "look out" and "are you ok" and "We did it"

While waiting for Dad to come home-
Garret- "Spencer if you bark like a dog when Dad comes home he will think we got a pet"
Spencer-"woof woof- does that sound good"
Garret- "yeah he will think that is real, definitely"

Garret- "Spencer our mission is go to the land of the oogieboogie and bring back the bloogeybagoogy"
Spencer-"Ok, are there any snookers"
Garret- "yes we must be very careful"
Spencer- "I'll bring my freeze spray with me"
Garret- "yeah that will be good, hurry lets go"

I love it when they play pretend together.  They can go anywhere and be anything when they play.  Sometimes I wish I could be their age and have a couple long carefree  days- free of worries, full of adventure and silliness. 

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Our Family

Our little Spencer is becoming quite the little artist! Left to right- Spencer, Dad, Mom, Garret and Adele!

The Cousin's party and More

Tyler and I thought it would be fun to host a little party for the kids. We sent the invitations a few days before and made a plan.  We started off the night with fun food.  Veggies displayed as a garden scene, watermelon cut with cookie cutters, pizza bread, little smokies and lemonade.  They ate a ton so I am guessing they liked it!
After dinner and a quick clean up we did an art project.  I know they all loved this and it was fun watching them work together.  One of the twins dropped all of her beads and they all got down and helped her pick them up.  Later Kyle helped Spencer with his because he was already done.  They have moments like all kids but they are such good sweet kids and fun to watch together.
We had our fancy pudding cups after that.  They were huge and I think only Kyle made it to the bottom but they all enjoyed it.
As a kid we used to play this silly "spin the bottle game" (there is no kissing involved).  So Tyler and I made up a bunch of silly things and played it with the kids.  They loved it!!! Their favorite was prank calling their aunts and uncles and Grandpa.  Some of the other silly things they did were push a ball across the floor with their nose, eat a granola bar with no hands, arm wrestle, sing, crab walk, wear a funny outfit etc.
It was getting pretty  late when the game was over.  We watched a little bit of a movie then took them home.  We are already making plans for another party one of these days!!!

The boys have really been enjoying Adele lately. They have found ways to include her in a lot of their play.  They seem to be either having the greatest time with her or else they are building barricades to keep her away from their toys.
The party was Friday night.  Saturday we got up and hurried off to the temple.  I went in and when I came out I discovered that the boys had been very creative while I was gone.
Then we spent the afternoon at a health fair and we even took a tour of the darigold factory.  I didn't take any pictures but it was pretty lame.  At least it was a free tour. 

We sure have been keeping busy around here!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Daddy's Playday

The boys refer to the weekend as "Daddy's play day".  I am asked most mornings if it is Dad's play day or not.  Finally the weekend rolled around and here is what we did on Daddy's play day.

We went to the skate park so the boys could watch the skateboarders. They ran and played in the grass while we were there.
We spent most of Saturday at the DMV.  We had been putting this off but decided we needed to just go and get it done.  It was a little sad handing over our New York licenses.  We are proud owners of Washington ones now though.  I was reminded how much torture it is at the DMV.  Luckily you only have to renew every few years. 

When that was finally over we went to the "mammoth site".  The boys have been pretty into dinosaurs and digging for bones.  When we heard there was a mammoth dig site that was offering free tours we knew we had to take the boys.  There wasn't really a ton to see there but we all thought it was worth it and pretty amazing that the bones of animal that lived so long ago were just there for a farmers tractor to bump into. The femur bone was huge. 
We hurried home and snuck in a little nap.   Then ventured out to our new favorite bookstore and back home for dinner.

We also started our week long babysitting job.  It might be the best babysitting job ever.  It's a fish named bubbles.  The boys love sitting and watching him.  I just hope we don't kill it.

Sunday was a nice family day and now it's Monday and the week starts again. We all enjoyed Daddy's play day and can't wait for the next one.