Sunday, October 31, 2010


This year Halloween just kind of snuck up on all of us.  Normally I really get into making spooky food, costumes and the whole works.  This year October was so crazy we never got around to much.  The kids still enjoyed it.  We let them wear their costumes all day, we played a couple fun games around the house and went to the church party.  It was very crowded and didn't stay long, just long enough for them to have a good time.

The boys both decided to wear the ninja costumes and Adele was a lady bug.  They looked so cute and loved dressing up.  Adele must have felt like she had a blanket on because she just kept laying down and saying "oooohhh".  They are all little cuties!


Tyler's Mom, Dad and brother came for a visit.  Trenton was here for a couple fun days and Alan and Debbie stayed for an additional week.  We had lots of fun while they were here.

 We went to the skate park.  We all enjoyed watching the kids and trying our skateboarding skills out!

 Even Adele took a turn!  (She is now practically running around and she has turned into a little climber.  She has also gone from saying "mmmmammma" to a well pronounced "Mama" - very cute).
 We raked SO many leaves.  It was nice having extra people around to help- and fun.
 The boys even raked the leaves on the roof!

 We went bowling.  The kids had fun.  Garret stayed focused the whole time and loved it.  Spencer stuck with it almost the whole time.  Trent got a new high (way higher than I have ever gotten).
 Sunday was the primary program.  Garret recited Mosiah 2:17 and he did so well.  He told me after that it was "so fun.  So much more fun than I could have even imagined!".
 Sunday afternoon we shared dinner with some relatives in Seattle.  (I can not remember exactly how we are all related.)  We all had such a nice evening.  The kids were in heaven having three fun eight year olds to play with. 

 One morning we all went fishing.  No one caught anything but Garret got pretty good at casting and everyone enjoyed the fall weather and good company.
 We made a quick trip to a farm.  The kids enjoyed a corn maze, pumpkins and ice cream!
 There was lots of time of just playing at home.  Cars were a hot item this week (they seem to rotate through which toy they are into).  They had fun playing dress-ups one afternoon.
 We did our pumpkins.  Spencer and I ended up with the worlds hardest pumpkins (no joking) so after several attempts at carving we painted ours.  Garret was big enough this year to most of his on his own.  It's always fun carving pumpkins.  Debbie even carved her first pumpkin.
We had a great week.  It was fun sharing it with family.

Saturday, October 30, 2010


Last week I took Adele and Spencer in for check-ups and shots.  It was quite the adventure.  Adele had a huge blow-out in the stroller while we waited. It was everywhere.  She hasn't had a blow out in months. I didn't have an extra outfit.  She came home in Spencer's sweat shirt.  We had to wait for a long time and between the two of them I couldn't wait until it was over.

Adele was 23 1/2 pounds (80th percentile) and 29 1/2 inches long (60th).  Spencer was 37 pounds and I don't remember his height.  They are both healthy as can be.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Week With Mom

On the night of Adele's birthday (which feels like it was months ago but was really October 6) my Mom had some unexpected health problems that sent her to the emergency room.  Doctors went right to work and got her stable, then started running test.  After a couple days and lots of uncomfortable test (colonoscopies- 3 of them, cat scans, some weird dye thing, tube down the nose, and a biopsy) the doctors changed their original prognosis and concluded it was colon cancer.

Thursday she had surgery to remove the cancer.  They tested lots of sections during and after surgery and decided it was stage 3 (which means she has to have chemo after she recovers from the surgery).  She has been at the hospital recovering from the surgery and today she is suppose to go home!!! All 23 staples are out, no more bags of fluid are running, after two weeks of confinement she is almost a free woman!

Circumstances worked out really well for me to spend Sunday October 10 thru Monday October 18 with Mom.  I think that my Mom did way more good for me than I did for her during the week. I got to watch my Mom's example through this all and forever I will have that example with me when I face trials.  I got to witness the loving way my parents leaned on each other through the week.  And we even fit in some fun!

My wonderful friend Nichole watched my kids for part of every day so I could be with my Mom when my Dad had to be gone.  She never complained even though I know it was an exhausting week having my three kids and her two.  It meant so much to me that she helped me out- Good friends are priceless!

The kids did really well through it all. They went from place to place and although I am sure they had their moments they were great.  One day in the car Garret said I want to make Grandma happy so he decided he would read her a story.  Another day they found five caterpillars and had me sneak them into the hospital so that Mom could see them.  They had fun playing with Uncle Dan for a whole morning.  They played Lego's and thought that was AWESOME.  They were so excited to help with the yard work at Grandma's house and couldn't have been sweeter each night when they said their prayers.  Adele went from taking a few steps at a time to walking across the room.

The week was long and I kept thinking I should be exhausted but I think Heavenly Father gives us extra help when we need it.  I know he helped make it work out for me to be there so I could be near my Mom, so I could help and so I could learn and grow.

My Mom is amazing.  She always has been- this week just reaffirmed that- She is Amazing.  I could never have asked for a better Mom.  She is my friend, my confidant, my example and my Mommy.  I love her so much.  It was so great being with her this week.

Picture taking was not a top priority this week so I didn't get too many.  Here are a few of the moments I did capture-

A normal person drinks one gallon of golyte before a colonoscopy.  My Mom got to drink FOUR.  Here is a picture of her about to go for number three- doesn't she look excited.  She compared the taste to liquid plastic- YUM!

Her diet was severally limited during most of her stay.  A couple days she got to have a clear liquid diet. A few days just water or juice and sometimes nothing.  My Mom coaxed my Dad into letting her have just the tiniest little bit of chocolate from time to time- don't tell the nurses!  When she was coming out of surgery she asked if she could have some we said "NO" she said "Dad knows I can have a little"!  We had fun teasing Mom about the funny things she said after surgery.

In between tests and then waiting for surgery Mom had several days where she was feeling pretty good and just waiting (there is a lot of that at hospitals) so the kids came for a quick visit.
Sunday night Mom and I had a girls night!  I spent the night at the hospital so I could help if she needed anything.  It had been twelve days since she had had anything real to eat.  At 11 pm a doctor came in and told her she could start eating a little.  Even though it was getting late and we were tired she did some eating!

The next day she got a new menu.  Rather than a clear liquid diet she now got the soft bland menu.  The title is not very appealing but after 12 days of liquid it looked pretty good.  Luckily she had not forgotten how to chew.

Monday night we stopped by to say Goodbye.  I loved being there with her and was sad to go.  I can't wait til we get to spend a week together again.  We know she is feeling much better because by the end she was back to teasing the nurses and cracking jokes!

She was looking MUCH better by then and from what I hear she just keeps improving.  Like I said She is Amazing!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Adele

Yesterday Adele turned one.  She started off by the boys giving her an armload of stuffed animals to play with. They wanted to make her happy.
 Then she enjoyed a breakfast of peaches and cereal. Then to celebrate in one year old style we played some "where's your belly".
 And at snack time the boys used sippy cups with Adele.  They thought that was SO funny.  Garret said it was hard to drink out of.
 Then we played a few rounds of "honk the nose".
 A few minutes of "Get the sock".
 We decided to mix things up a bit and headed off on a walk.  We walked to the candy store and got her a chocolate sucker.  She loved it.

 Then we walked around a couple stores to kill some time.  Then we went to the library to see the visiting firefighters.  She actually seemed to enjoy it just not the moment of the picture.  The firefighters really enjoyed Garret.  He kept asking questions and telling them he wanted to be a fire fighter so they let him be part of a little demonstration.
 He got a little nervous during it but at the end he said he loved it.  They told him that he had gotten hurt on his bike and that he wasn't wearing a helmet.  He looked up at them and said "but I always wear my helmet".  I had to explain it was just pretend.  At the end they told  him he should be a fire chief someday and he thought that was the best compliment ever.  He told everyone about it.
 Back to Adele.  She spent the afternoon playing. When Tyler got home she opened her presents. 
 She loved them all and has been enjoying them ever since. The boys were excited about the book they bought together for her.
 FINALLY it was time for cake.  She really enjoyed it but wasn't as enthusiastic as I had anticipated. She ate a lot for dinner so I don't think she was hungry and with all the kids around there was lots of action to watch.

 She did get pretty messy though. So into the tub she went!

 Then she read books with Dad.
 And looked like this shortly after I laid her down.
It was a very fun day with our little sweetie-pie.  We all had fun trying to think of games and things she would like. I think she had a great first birthday. She finally got to eat a spider!  Now she is one- Happy birthday Adele.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Spider cake

The other day Adele grabbed a big spider (I don't know how she caught it) and quickly stuffed it in her mouth.  I responded by pulling it out as quickly as possible.  It was big and moving around and gross.  When I pulled it out she got so mad- seriously she threw a fit!

Fit or not she didn't get to eat the spider.  So for her first birthday we made her a little spider.  It was suppose to be a scared spider since she is about to be eaten.  I am not sure if the spider looks scared or like a baby spider.  Scared or not Adele gets to eat her head all by herself tomorrow.

The legs started falling over shortly after I took this picture- hopefully it still looks somewhat descent tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sweet Little Deli Belly

Can you believe it? Tomorrow it will be a year since this little bundle of joy joined our family!  Oh how we love this girl.
She has already had quite the life.  She has lived in two states that are about as far away as they get.  She has been all over.  She is a little trooper that's for sure. 

She is growing so big.  She has 8 teeth and more on the way.  She has a handle full of words-  She says nana when she sees a banana, she says Dad (it sounds like daddo), she says hi and bye, she says nigh-nigh at bed time, she says uh-oh.  She also is pretty good at mimicking the sounds she hears.  When all her cousins were over we all would say kyle and then she would say it. 

She has a lot of little tricks.  If we say "hey Deli, where's your belly?" she flashes us all (hopefully she only does this while she is a baby!).  She loves beeping noses.

She is learning to walk.  She took six steps today and gets better all time.  It's very cute and wobbly when she walks.
She thinks she is so funny (she is).  She laughs at herself all the time.  She has an adorable laugh.  She is also very friendly and smiley.  

She gets very excited when she sees animals.  She loves to wave at everyone.  She starts "singing" when everyone sings at church. 

She is a great sleeper.  All night and usually two good naps. She is a pretty good eater. She doesn't seem to like milk much and still spits up a lot if she has it.  

 She loves her brothers and they love her.  Sometimes if she is the first one up we let her go in the boys room and she goes to their beds and gets so excited when she finds them.  They watch over her and always try to make her happy.
 She has a feisty little streak.  We don't see it too often.  Usually only if she is tired.  Occasionally we worry about the day she becomes a teenager!

She has so any nicknames- Deli, Deli-belly, Deli-bean, Dels, Delsey, Smelly deli, little miss, missy moo, baby sister, sister sue, little lady, deli-oh-deli, baby love.....
 Adele is a little ray of sunshine in all of our lives.  She keeps us busy.  We are always chasing her around and stopping her from going in the bathroom, and pulling dirt out of her mouth (and spiders- more on that later).  She is a gem, a doll, a sweet sweet baby, a darling little girl that we adore and couldn't imagine life without.  she makes us smile and laugh.  She makes us keep our floors very clean and helps us burn calories!  She adds her own light to our home.  She turns her Daddy into a softy and her Mom to mush.  She can get her brothers to do just about anything.  What can I say- We just adore our little Adele.

How did the year go by so quickly?  Why do babies grow up so fast? What a great year it has been!