Wednesday, February 9, 2011


When I ask the kids what they want to do often I hear "we want to go explorin".  We have explored the house and backyard pretty thoroughly.  So this morning when they said they wanted to go explorin we set out to the best place I could think of within walking distance- "the old deserted park" (that is what they have titled it).  Last time I took them to a parking lot- this was better!  Garret brought his magnifying glass and bird book.  Spencer kept saying "I found a habitat".  Then Garret would come look and say "Wow Spencer you should be a discoverer when you grow up".  Garret found a stick and spent a while looking at it in his magnifying glass saying "yep they are bite marks, either bear or dog. Probably dog, playing fetch".  Adele I am proud to say did not eat any rocks and thought she was the most independent thing ever.  She loves to be right in the action.  Between the rusty playground and couple of trees they had a great time explorin.  And Garret went on the monkey bars for the first time.  He usually climbs up, hangs on them and comes down.  This time he went a few bars and its going to do more next time.  Spencer says he will when he is four!

Gotta love the tongue! 

***  On a different note, my secret cupid threw a book at me in the bathroom this morning. And Tyler's secret cupid decorated the car with hearts last night.  Lots of fun going on around here!


Marianne Thayne said...

Your secret cupid is quite a charmer! I love the picture with Adele sticking out her tongue. The sky is so blue and it looks like nice weather. You are a great mother, always doing so many fun and adventurous things.

kandis said...

wow your kids are getting so big!!