Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Secret Cupid

A friend in Buffalo told us about a family tradition they have and this year we decided to give it a try.  Last night for FHE we had great lesson on LOVE then we all got an envelope.  Inside was someones name and 10 love bucks.  They were so excited to go shopping at my store for their special person- seriously they were SO excited.  They each have a little bag of things to secretly give their person.  They also have lots of ideas of other nice things to do for their "secret" person. 

This morning Garret came bursting into our room so excited because there was something left for him.  (this was rather early- so he went back to bed).  Then he came in again to ask Tyler when he was going to take a shower because he wanted to make his bed for him (we are still working on the secret part).  He has been making all kinds of plans for other secret things he is going to do. Then as soon as Tyler got in bed he told me to get out of bed so he could make it.  hmmmm....I wonder who has Tyler?!!!

Spencer asked me to remind him what he was suppose to do with the "stuff" he bought.  I explained it again and then he said "can I do it right now?".  I told him to try and wait til his person wasn't looking.  About 1 minute later he stood in the other room and chucked a gift my way, then ran off giggling, came back and said "wow Mom where did you get that from?"  Then later he was drawing and kept crawling around and setting pictures next to me.  hmmmm....I wonder who has me?!!!

The funny thing is they aren't very good at the process of elimination so they have no clue who has them or who the other person has.  They are totally loving the Secret Cupid game- I think it could become an annual tradition!  (I'll post more on it later with pictures as well).


Debbie said...

You did it !!!!! You gave me something to laugh about today. Those boys are just so cute.

Love, Mom

Marianne Thayne said...

That is so funny and what a great idea!

Alicia said...

So adorable!! I love reading about ideas like this from you because we are always about a year or two behind you, so I'll have to store this away for next year.

I love that he threw the present from the other room - so adorable.

Rachel said...

I am so glad that you like Secret Cupid as much as I do!!! It is one of my favorite weeks of the year, and I can't wait to actually have children to do it for, like my mom did for us!

Your boys are darling!

Stephanie said...

I laughed out loud reading this. I will have to add this to my bucket of good ideas as well.