Monday, February 14, 2011

The Secrets are Out

This morning we ate our traditional- heart shaped biscuits with pink gravy for breakfast.  While we ate we revealed who we played secret cupid for. 

Surprise, surprise- Spencer had me (he is the book throwing culprit), I was shocked!  He giggled as he told me about sneaking around.

Garret proudly told Tyler he had him.  He enjoyed telling him how hard he planned his secret escapades (he was very creative- props to him).

Adele had Spencer.  Spencer didn't believe this at first so I had to fill in and tell him I helped her some (You were right Spence there is no way Adele could have put slippers on your feet while you slept---classic).

Tyler had Adele-  She wasn't too shocked- she is pretty smart, acted like she knew all along.  Who else but Dad would give her her own chap stick (which she ate in a matter of minutes....when she could no longer get it with her tongue she improvised and used a toy bottle to dig deeper- I think she might be a genius! Chap stick is non toxic right?)

I had Garret- He was very gracious and thanked me for all my secret cupid surprises. 

Tonight the festivities go on, but this morning we wrapped up the Secret Cupid game.  I think it will definitely be a tradition....I have to do it again because I was so awful at taking pictures of it this year.


Bennett Family said...

You gave me the idea for secret cupid! We just split up into teams yesterday and bought little things for each other and left them on the counter this morn. Great idea and Lily was thrilled to find out that Wesley was her secret cupid and left her a love gift. : ) You guys are such a cute family! Thanks for the good idea!

Bennett Family said...

Oh and loved the slipper story! Cute, cute, cute!!