Thursday, March 3, 2011

Adele At Almost 17 Months

We were late taking Adele to her 15 month appointment.  So she went to the doctor today at almost 17 months.  She weighed 25 pounds 12 ounces and was 32 inches long.  She is healthy and developing well.

We are really enjoying Adele at this age. She is still as much trouble as ever (climbing on things, sitting on peoples heads, talking way to loud in church etc).  She is also as cute as ever.  Some of our favorite things about Adele right now are-

Her words-  She has a lot of words.  She can repeat most anything and has lots of words she uses all the time.  Some of my favorites are Love You, night-night, Mommy, Daddy, yellow, color, purple, milk, more, water, hat, thank you, please and doggy. (she also says NO a lot- but that is not our favorite!)

Her hugs and kisses-  She loves giving hugs and kisses.  She always says "Mwah" when she gives kisses.

Her sibling love-  She tries to do EVERYTHING the boys do.

Her Daddy love-  When she hears the garage door open she runs to the door yelling "Daddy, Daddy".  She saw a meter reader man walk across our yard the other day and got so excited then she was so mad that he didn't come in.

Her schedule-  She is a great sleeper and napper and super predictable.

Books-  She finally enjoys books.  She brings them to me all the time.  She also brings them to Garret because he will look at pictures with her.

Backing up-  I LOVE the way she backs up to sit down.  Sometimes she starts halfway across the room and sometimes she misses her target- so cute.

Blanket Love-  I will have to get a picture of her and her blanket sometime.  She loves it.  She has to have the right one and she loves to snuggle with it.

Music-  She loves to dance and has some great moves.  She also loves leading music and bedtime songs.

Treats-  She has a sweet tooth and if she sees you or hears you with something yummy she comes running. 

Nicknames-  she still has tons of nicknames and responds to them all. She is our little bitty, our deli, our jelly bean, our little love, our sweetheart, our trouble and our girl.

Everything-  We love everything about her. She is truly a blessing in our lives.


steph said...

Wow. I can't believe Adele is 17 months already!! She was only 7 or 8 months last time I saw her!! How sad for me! She sounds like such a sweetie pie. And she weighs as much as Trey does!! Not that that is really an accomplishment though. He's a munchkin. Insure hope we can get our families together again sometime.

Debbie said...

How I wish you could have taken a video of her the other night when you were here. What a crazy, fun little girl she is. I think she will keep your family having fun all through life.

Love, Mom