Sunday, March 13, 2011

Garret looses a tooth

Garret has had a loose tooth for a couple weeks.  Saturday night it was time for it to come out.  He really wanted it to come out.  He got a little nervous because it was his first tooth but he just kept wiggling and wiggling it.  He even had his Dad help with the wiggling.
Adele tried to wiggle hers too.  They aren't quite ready to come out!
Finally Tyler pulled it out!  Garret was so excited.
I can't believe he is big enough to loose his baby teeth.  That was his first little tooth he ever got.  I remember it making it's way in and now its out.
My family was visiting my aunts family when my first tooth was loose.  My aunts Mom made me this elf to put my teeth in.  So now the kids get to sleep with the elf when they loose their teeth.  It has a pocket on the front for the tooth to go in...but when Garret woke up there was a dollar coin!  He told me he kept checking all night and it was still a tooth but when he woke up it was a coin. 
He is such a big boy!  All day today he has been smiling big so we can see his hole in his mouth.  He told me "it is just so fun to loose a tooth". 


Hector and Stephanie said...

Good Job Garret! That is crazy to think that you have a kid big enough to loose a tooth.

kristenita said...

what! how can he already be losing teeth? big guy!

Marianne Thayne said...

What a cute idea--the elf. Congratulations on the first tooth loss.

Bennett Family said...
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Bennett Family said...

Try this again, Adele trying to wiggle her tooth is adorable! I love how the little ones copy every thing the older ones do! Your kids are so cute!!