Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What do you think?

I must preface this by saying- I do not know what we are having and I am 100% fine with either gender and just because the surveys say.... does not mean that is my guess...I'll tell you if I am right with my guess after the fact.

Last night Tyler and I were looking at gender predictor things online-

According to the Chinese calender its a girl (and the one we looked at was right for our other children- although I thought that it was wrong before so maybe there are different versions *update looked at a different one and it was wrong for Spencer).

According to the old wives tale surveys we took (3 different ones it is a girl). I must just add that the questions they ask don't seem like they have anything to do with baby gender, seems pretty fishy to me but was fun.

Have any of these gender predictors been right for you?  Just curious?!!!


Stephanie said...

The Chinese got it right on my two girls!!!

Mike, Kalie, Jason, Lexie and Colden said...

The chinese calender was right for all 3 of mine, and my intuition was right with all 3 as well... mom knows best I think!

Mike, Kalie, Jason, Lexie and Colden said...

... but the old wives tales things all said Cole would be a girl

Debbie said...

I guess I am a little out of it, because I don't even know anything about how the chinese make their guesses, and it is just guessing unless you have a picture - right?
All I know is that it will be my 14th grandchild, and I couldn't love it anymore if it had been the first. I can't wait !!!!!!!

kandis said...

first off your mom's comment was so cute! she is such a sweetheart! :)

The Chinese gender calender was right with both of mine!

I want to know your name preferences. I think you told me once, but I forgot.