Thursday, April 7, 2011

Naomi and Ramona

Saturday we got to spend a few hours visiting Leah, Joe, Naomi and Ramona.  Everyone loved little Ramona, especially Spencer.  We are so glad we got to see everyone.  I wish we could get together and play more often.  Naomi and Ramona are SO cute! 

 I think that Adele and Naomi are going to be great friends.  When we left if we said "Naomi" Adele would get all excited and say it over and over and look around for her.  Then we would say "do you like Naomi" and she would say "Yeah" (like of course I do).

 I need a park like this by my house then maybe I could sit and read a good book while they played! 
I love watching kids play together.  I hope we find lots of times to get them together.

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PapaFordham said...

So adorable, & it looks you had a fun week!!! Always love all the pictures....
Love, Grandma & Grandpa