Sunday, April 17, 2011

These Moments

Life is full of entertaining moments around here.  There is no way to capture it all but here is a quick look at some of the things that keep us laughing right now---

Getting ready for a bath-
-Spencer--"Mom, Mom, come look.....Deli STILL does not have a wee-wee"

Whenever anyone is sad or hurt-
-Adele comes over and rubs their back and smothers them with kisses.

Garret and Spencer talking about the new baby-
Spencer "When the new baby comes we can help feed it"
Garret "No we can't, it only drinks Mommy milk"
Spencer "oh"
Garret "I was the first one that got to drink Mommy milk"
Spencer "How come you get to do everything first"
Everything is a competition!

Visiting our neighbors (AKA Anna's Family)-
-Adele bends down and waves and says in a voice I have never heard her use "hi baby" (She already thinks she is a big girl and has a voice for those younger than her).

Garret still loves making up his own songs and he will sing them audience or no audience.  Some of the catchy lyrics---
"I want to be good and live a good life and make good choice and follow Jesus and be happy.  I can be good and make Mommy happy and Daddy"......Sometimes his songs go on for a good half hour without a breather.

If I am on the computer Adele comes over and says "Nomi, Nomi, Nomi" (that is what she calls Naomi and that is her way of saying she wants to look at her pictures).

Tyler gave the prayer in Sunday School and was mid sentence when someone said amen.  soon other people said amen.  He said he wasn't sure what to do...keep praying...or go with the crowd.  I think he wrapped it up pretty quick!

Adele has started saying prayers.  We have to help her (obviously) but she will repeat what we say.  She says it all pretty well but when we get to the end she quite passionately says AMEN!

Speaking of Prayers Spencer seems to always think it is his turn to pray.  Once everyone is sitting to eat he just starts in on a prayer.  We have to remind him that other people get turns.

We go walking at least a couple times a week and we have made good friends with a little old lady a couple streets over.  We all really enjoy visiting with her but Spencer especially likes her.  He knows her names but always calls her the "nice lady".  He draws her pictures and wants to bake her things.  (I think he also likes the fact that she has a bowl of candy!)

Garret loves numbers.  He is constantly counting to 100 and by 10's and doing little problems in his head.  While driving somewhere he kept saying "if I had 6 half hours I would have 3 whole hours, if I had 11 half hours I would have 5 whole hours and 1 half hour".  It's fun trying to figure out what is going on in their heads.

One night we were all talking about "The Incredibles" and having super hero powers.  Tyler suggested I be Elastagirl... because then having the baby would be no big deal... I think I like that idea.

Adele loves to sing.  She sings and sings and sings.  She sings with us sometimes and by herself.  When she sings alone she usually always sings "Away, away, away, away".  We think it started at Christmas when we were singing Away in a manager all the time.  Anyway, she loves to go stand on the fireplace and sing her song then clap for herself.

Whenever the garage door opens Adele goes running for the door.  She yells "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy" as she runs.  She is very disappointed if it is not Daddy and VERY excited if it is.  I will have to make a video of it at some point.  I think Tyler is one lucky guy to come home to three eager kids each night!
(and one excited wife).

The new baby thinks it needs to get in on all the action.  I have never felt a baby move as much as this one.  The kids love feeling it move.  They will say things like "kick me if you want to play with me" or "kick me if you are a boy".  It's cute how they already have a place for it in their fun.

That's it for now!  We are grateful for the good lives we are blessed to live.


Leah and Joe said...

One excited wife, huh?? ;) Too much info!!

Daniel and Erin Palmer said...

I love the elastsgirl comment, man would that be nice! I love hearing what kids say, they are so honest. What they think is that they say.

Alicia said...

Awww, I love hearing about your kids and what is going on in their minds, they are so hilarious! You just reminded me of a few memories with my kids that I need to write down before I forget them, thanks for that!

Rachel said...

So fun!!! I loved all of them! I laughed aloud about Tyler's prayer in Sunday School.