Sunday, May 1, 2011

30 Never Looked so Good!

Where to start?....Saturday was Tyler's 30th birthday (and our 7th anniversary but we are celebrating that Monday so more on that later--and no we didn't pick that day so that Tyler would never forget our anniversary--come one if you know Tyler--you know he woudl never forget an anniversary--he's a romantic!).  I have been thinking about Tyler's birthday for months.  I really wanted it to be special for him.  Surprise parties were out (we don't know too many people here). I don't know the area here too well so I just wasn't sure what to do.  Here is what I came up with---

Breakfast of heart shaped biscuits and gravy (this was a safe bet)!

 Then we opened presents. The boys had drawn lots of pictures for Tyler.  he opened them first.  They also got him a football.  They debated a long time at the store and finally all agreed on that.

 I couldn't think of one great big present so I made a poster and wrote out what I hoped the 30's had in store for him and got him gifts to go along with it.  (Ex.  make memories with the family - a book on building tree houses...)  There were lots of little gifts and the end of the sign said something about his 30's being an adventure- and he got to open a gift card to fly an airplane. (I just have to say I got the best deal on this way back in December and was SO excited to see if he would like it- He did).

 When we showed up they said the boys could go along if they wanted to. Garret decided not to (he later regretted his decision) but Spencer went along for the ride and Loved it.

 I guess you could say he "soared" into his 30"s!

Then we hurried home for short naps and then we had to fit in a baseball game. (We always go for Tyler's birthday) This was a struggle too.  There were no baseball games going on.  Luckily Hailed joined a team and so we went to watch her (we had to keep the tradition alive---plus the kids were all so cute and fun to watch).
 Then it was time for dinner and dessert.  Anna and her family came over.  I had all the kids excited about Tyler's trick candles---they were total duds.  Only one or two of them relit. Tyler enjoyed a lemon pie he had been wanting and there was cake and ice cream.  (And another present--Thanks!)

 Then Anna and Marc were kind enough to watch the kids while Tyler and I went golfing.  Yep, I went golfing with him!  It was just 9 holes and luckily not very crowded because it took me a lot of swings to get the ball in.  It was actually really fun and I think it would be more fun if I didn't have to swing around my big belly.
Then we came home and put the kids to bed and decided to keep the celebrating going and we went to a movie.  I could barely stay awake but it was fun going out. 

We crammed in as much as we could into one day.  We had lots of fun ushering in his 30's and I know we will have lots of fun during this decade of his life.  

Happy Birthday Tyler!


Lindsey Phillips said...

How fun!!!

Britney Brent said...

SOOO FUN!!!!!! I am just so i love with your family :)

Tia Saxton said...

Tyler said he had lots of fun for his Birthday & it looks like he did.... So glad!!!! He is a great son that is 30!!!!

Anonymous said...

Didn't know we were on Tia's account....