Friday, May 27, 2011

I'm so glad when Daddy comes home!

Tyler's schedule is weird right now.  He works long days and we don't see him then we get to have him around for several days.  It's the start of a long weekend and the kids (and I) couldn't be more excited! They started watching out the window for him long before he came home!

***If you noticed Adele in her undies- it's due to the fact she spilt on her pants and were about to eat dinner so I couldn't bring myself to put clean pants on her.  And as far as potty training is going.  She is awesome!  It still seems a little too easy.  Maybe the new baby will mess things up but so far so good.  I have cleaned up only a couple accidents ever and usually because I didn't hear her telling me potty.  She has even started staying dry a lot of nights (although I may not switch her to undies at night until after we move).  Keep your fingers crossed!

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Britney said...

I remember seeing this as me and my comp would walk up too!! :)