Monday, May 2, 2011

Seven Wonderful Years

Saturday was our Anniversary but we were too busy celebrating Tyler's 30th to celebrate our anniversary (plus if you know us we like to drag on the celebrating!).  I killed some of Tyler's plans (not out of spite or even that they were not good plans)  anyway we ended up going to see the latest movie version of Jane Eyre (Not as good as the 2006 BBC version) and we went out to eat.  It is always nice spending time with just Tyler even if it is nothing fancy.

Seven years!  The time has flown by and yet in some ways it feels like we have always been married- was their really a time before "us"?  We have been through a lot over the last seven years.  We started out in Rexburg as young undergrad students.  We lived in the smallest, cheapest apartment that had the most character.  (seriously it was so small we had to take the table outside to make room for an air mattress on the floor when my parents came--oh and some of the walls were carpeted!).  We lived their for 18 months.  We moved right before Garret was born to a little bigger apartment (there really would have been no room in that first apartment).  We graduated and moved to Colorado Springs where we lived for six months while we waited to hear about dental school.  After that we made the big move to Buffalo New York.  We bought our first home for 48,000 dollars.  We spent two long hot weeks trying to make it livable (and many more hours over the four years we lived there making it our own).  We had no idea in those first hot humid weeks that we would fall so in love with Buffalo, or our neighborhood and the whole experience.  Spencer and Adele were born in Buffalo.  Tyler eventually graduated (there were bumps in the road of course but it was so fun).  We shed lots of tears as we left our little house and headed for Yakima.  Now we have been in Yakima for almost a year.  It's been another year of learning and memory making and moving forward with life.

And now here we are seven years together.  About to move again, about to have another baby---life just keeps rolling on.  These seven years have been the greatest years.  We have enjoyed each other and our family.  We have been all over the country and we now have friends in many states (all of which have played a special role in our history together).  We have learned so much and grown together in so many ways.  Through it all we have remained the best of friends.  We were so in love seven years ago on our wedding day- it was perfect....but I think if we could put our selves now next to ourselves then we would find that our love has grown exponentially.  Steadily we have learned each others quirks, how to make each other smile, what true love and service means.  It's exciting- I love that its not stagnant but ever growing. I can only imagine what our love will be like at our fiftieth!

These last seven years have been full of adventure as I am sure the next years will be.  There is no one I would rather face the future with than Tyler.

Happy Anniversary to us!!!


Alicia said...

Happy Anniversary! I *remember* when you met, how crazy is that?! You guys are such an awesome couple, just meant for each other, really.

Oh, and what an awesome wife - getting him the gift of flying an airplane for his 30th birthday! I got Christopher golfing lessons....BORING! =)

Lindsey Phillips said...

Happy Happy Anniversary!!! Love you guys!