Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ten More Years

Now I don't want to sound melodramatic or any type of dramatic, but I am grateful for the the ten extra years of life that I have been blessed with. When I was twenty years old I was serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Rochester, NY. It was Memorial day, 2001. I was at a picnic that the church was putting at the church building. While I was standing on the sidewalk an Astro van came out of nowhere and I got run over and drug across the street. After all was said and done it was a pretty close call. So what I wanted this post to be about, is all that has happened since then that I am so thankful for.

Since then: (Not specifically in chronological order)

I found the love of my life, Rachel.
Had the perfect wedding.
Spent an amazing week in Disney World for our honeymoon.
We have three amazing kids Garret, Spencer, and Adele and one very soon to come.
I have lived in four different states.
I completed Dental School at SUNY at Buffalo and got a BS in Biology from BYU - Idaho.
Went on a three week road trip across the USA.
I have swam in both the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean.
Done dentistry in Tampico, Mexico.
Made life long friends and have met people that have changed the way I look at life for the better.
I've climbed multiple mountains (hadn't climbed any before)
I road a bike 65 miles (I was going for 100 but found that distance to be an insane endeavor).
I flew an airplane all by myself.
I have gotten to see the birth of each of my children and each time I realize how much of a miracle life really is.
I ran in the Turkey trot three different times and one of the times Garret ran with me.
I got to see my Grandma Talcott turn 99 years old, how amazing is that.
I watched my brother Trenton become such an excellent singer, but more importantly I have witnessed him become a wonderful man and uncle.
I got stuck in an airport trying to get to my sister Tia's wedding and got to spend the night with Rachel and our 15 month old son Garret. We didn't make the wedding, but I have gotten to see since then how great a mother and wife my sister has become.
I have gotten to watch the sunrise on a couple of different occasions with my best friend (Rachel).
I have read and or listen to hundreds of books and they have taught me a lot about life (either on this planet or some other planet!).
I have watched my parents celebrate over 30 years of marriage and witnessed them become closer then I have ever seen them before. I love you two!
I gained two new parents that I am very grateful for and a bunch of new siblings that I love spending time with.
I have cried more and laughed more and loved more.
I got to read all the Harry Potter books and almost all the movies (you all know I am a Harry Potter nerd).
I have owned a house and sold a house.
I have done an AEGD dental residency.
I have prayed more and depended more on my Savior and Father in Heaven.
I have made many mistakes and have said sorry many times.
I have felt the love of so many people and it has helped me get through the hard times.
I have failed in many areas but those times have made me stronger.
I have entered my 30's and I even have some of my hair left (that actually is a shocker).
I have kissed my wife just about every day for the past 8 years.
I have been to almost all of the historical sites for the members of our church and cried at the grave of the Prophet Joseph Smith.
I have knelt in the Sacred Grove.
I have read the Book of Mormon multiple times and it has become a source of inspiration for me.
I have watched my kids read the scriptures and have seen how much they love and learn from the stories.
I wrote a list about everything that I have done that was like 10 pages long.
I have lived a full life and I hope and pray that I can continue to do so.

I love the gift that life is. Some days I wake up and I have forgotten how blessed I am to be alive. I am making a grand attempt to make those days less and less frequent. Each memorial day I can't help but remember how each day of life is a gift and I remember all that has been because I have been allowed to live life.

Life truly is Beautiful!



Debbie said...


You have been the answer to someone's prayer.

And I love you for it.

Me (-:

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Anonymous said...

Life is beautiful, so thankful that you are one of my life is beautiful blessings Tyler and I am so thankful that you have gotten to live life beyond that scary day in May... So excited for "Baby News".... Love, Mom