Monday, May 23, 2011

Top 10 Things We Will Miss About Yakima

With a move in the not so distant future, we are once again reflecting on where we will be going and where we spent the last year of our lives.  This year was different in a lot of ways.  Yakima has always felt very temporary and because Tyler worked almost an hour away and I didn't have a car I don't feel like we ever got to know it as well as we could have.  Even having said that there are a number of things we have grown to love and appreciate that we will miss....

#10 This sign!  It's not that Yakima is a bad place (it's a very nice place) but we can't help but laugh a little at the comparison to Palm Springs!
#9 Parks, Pools and Splash Pads.  The kids are broken hearted to be leaving behind the water fun of Yakima. The neighbors a couple houses down have been kind enough to let us swim in their pool, we have been to a couple different splash pads and the pool.

#8 Playdate. This magazine is great! It list activities in the area for kids and families and its FREE!

#7 The Sunshine...I know there is sunshine everywhere but Yakima gets 300 days of sunshine a year (according to the web) and I believe it.  The sunshine always makes the days more fun.

#6 Good Mexican Food.  Tyler especially has been enjoying the Mexican food this year.  It seems like a couple times a month they are having some kind of potluck and work which equates to Mexican food...mostly homemade and authentic.  He even has a patient or two that brings him homemade tamales.

#5 Pickleball!  Tyler was first introduced to pickleball a few years ago by my Dad.  He really enjoyed it but up until now he hasn't had much chance to play.  He found a church here that has open pickleball night on Tuesdays and goes when he can. 

#4 Blanche AKA Grandma Blanche.  She is 89 almost 90 and lives a couple streets away.  She waives to us and gives the boys treats when we go out walking.  She has a little dog that the boys love.  She is really sweet and fun to go and visit. (I need to get a picture of her).

#3 Inklings..Not only is this bookstore within walking distance (a big plus since I don't have a car) but it has a great story hour for the kids.  The reader is really great with the kids and the whole atmosphere is fun.  Plus when I go I get to walk around and look at the books while they listen.

#2 Produce!  Yakima is known for its fresh produce and for good reason.  It has been so fun picking, canning and enjoying all the produce.  Yum, Yum, Yum!!!

#1 Anna, Marc, Kyle, Hailey, Katie, Nicole and Little Lydia!!! We have loved spending a year next door to my sister and her family.  It has been so nice having someone next door that we can visit, play with and help each other if we need it.  I have always loved all the kids but this year I feel like I have gotten to know them even better.  Kyle is a little athlete that sometimes acts tough but then he gets around one of the younger kids and he has this soft side.  Adele adores him because he is always so patient with her.  Hailey is turning into a little beauty.  She is an adorable little blond that tans up in no time.  She is full of personality and always has a hug for me when I see her.  Katie has the cutest dimples at the top of her cheeks.  She likes to be called Katie Lady.  She is bright and silly.  Nicole has a little more attitude which I think is funny.  She likes being called Coley Boley.  Whenever we say Coley Boley Adele laughs.  She thinks its hilarious.  Little Lydia is the quietest sweetest baby.  She seems to be observing everyone and then quietly goes and mimics them.  She is everyone's baby and I have a feeling might remain their baby forever. 

They have been our best friends through this year and I hope that even when we move we can find time to share with them and stay close forever.

Honorable mention---Ozeki's Teriyaki (It is so good and the lady that works there is really nice), Tyler's commute (just kidding- that is one thing we will not miss), the trees in our yard (the kids have loved climbing them and think we should bring them with us) and the old rusty park (it doesn't look like much but the kids have enjoyed our walks there.

We are down to a little over a month in Yakima and hope to be able to enjoy the rest of our time.  Our fourth baby will be born here and the kids have all had a good year here.  They have grown and changed this year and no matter where life takes us Yakima will be a place we will have lots of memories of.


kristenita said...

Were are you moving??????

Marianne Thayne said...

Nice writing Rachel. Makes me feel like I have been there! And I ditto waht Kristenita asked---Plan????? Whatever it is, I hope the baby and the move arent in the same week.

Alicia said...

Ahhh, good old Yakima. =) I actually love that area, it's so cute! Is Pickleball a Washington thing? I remember playing that in Jr. High, it was one of the main things we did in P.E. We even had "pickleball courts" instead of tennis. =)