Sunday, May 29, 2011


 We were planning on heading to Western Washington this weekend but I chickened out when my Doctor told me to pack well in case we had the baby on Snoqualmie pass.  Odds are I will just sit around pregnant all weekend but better safe then sorry. 

Since we didn't head that way Dan, Heather and Ridge came over for Saturday and Sunday.  We had such a good time having them here.  I love spending time with my siblings and their families.

We went fishing Saturday.  We didn't catch anything but had fun trying. 
 Adele didn't do any fishing but had fun playing with Ridge!

 Saturday night we BBQ with Anna and Marc.  It was yummy of course (if you haven't tried bbq asparagus you should - it was really good).  The kids had fun playing together.
 Sunday we went to church in the morning and Spencer was the special person in primary.  He was so excited and wore his crown all afternoon.  They read clues about a person and then everyone guesses who it it.  Spencer's answers were weird and didn't sound like him.  I guess they asked all the little kids the questions at the same time so I think he must have stolen some answers from other kids.
 After I snapped a picture of him I decided to take another so I for sure had a good one but his milk spilt!
 It was a nice sunny day and so fun spending the afternoon with family.  Thanks for coming Dan and Heather we had so much fun seeing you!

Here are some Big Ole Belly shots- two weeks to the due date (hopefully less). 


Debbie said...

Cute belly shots !!!!!!
Glad you all had a fun weekend.

Love Mom

Ashlee said...


You are so super cute!!!


Kristy E.B. said...

I can't believe you almost have 4 kids! Good luck! Can't wait to see whether it's a boy or girl.

Mike, Kalie, Jason, Lexie and Colden said...

You look beautiful, thanks for the pics!!! I think it's a boy now.. 10lbs, early!