Sunday, May 8, 2011

When I was a kid....and more

Spencer "When I was a kid, I used to eat my boogers."
Me "Do you still eat them?"
Spencer "No, I said it was when I was a kid".

Tyler "That back sprinkler isn't working"
Spencer "I might have put chalk in it when I was a kid"

When I was a kid...this was one of my dolls.  Her name was Sally Rachel (very creative I know).  I found her in a box the other day and decided it is time for us to part ways.  I couldn't just toss her though so I thought I would take a picture so she can live on in my blog book. 

I am really not a stuff keeper, so in a way I am surprised she has existed for this long.  When I pulled her out Adele got soooo excited.  The doll is super stained and all the stitching has been pulled out of her hands and feet so she looks like she has had a severe allergic reaction in all her appendages.  Anyway, it was either let Adele drag it around, keep it in a box and continue to move it around or part ways.  Farewell Sally Rachel....

I mentioned packing her around...we are moving in less than two months.  And for all those that keep inquiring as to where.  We think we know but nothing is set in stone at this point.  Hopefully it will be very soon (I am a planner and this not being able to plan stage is hard for me).  Stay tuned for some sort of announcement in the near future!

Garret got this marble tracks set for his birthday and has played with it but this is the finest marble tracks tower I have ever constructed.  Luckily Anna's girls were over so there were lots of kids to enjoy it. They wanted to leave it up for Tyler to see so we took a picture instead.
 Speaking of pictures...what do you do with all the art kids make?  I think I am going to start doing a monthly art entry on the blog so I can capture some of their creativity without filling my house with it.  Garret worked hard on this one and wanted me to take a picture of it.  Adele added some scribbling to it!
Adele, Adele, Adele...let's talk about Adele!  I think she may have gotten sick of hearing me say how much trouble she is so she decided to amaze us all.  For the last couple weeks she has been very adamant about wanting to "poop" (sorry for the potty language) on the potty.  I tried ignoring her because I didn't want to potty train her (there is so much going on right now) but with her wanting to so badly I started taking her.  After about a week of her actually going whenever she said she had to I decided last Tuesday to commit myself to 9 days of serious potty training and if she hadn't grasped it by then I was packing the potty supplies and not giving it another thought til fall. 

So Tuesday was day 1- She had a couple accidents but still pooped on the potty.
Wednesday- About the same
Thursday- One in the morning- dry during nap and all afternoon
Friday- No accidents
Saturday- No accidents
Sunday- No accidents and even told her nursery teacher she needed to go.  Tyler took her and she went.

I said I would give it til Thursday but it looks like she might actually be getting it.  I seriously expect her to regress at some point, it's just been way to easy.  She turned 19 months on Friday.  She seems so little to me still but for whatever reason she seems to get it.  I remember training the boys and at first I had to take them every hour or so.  I have been waiting two hours with her.  If she hasn't told me by then I usually ask her.  But she tells me a lot of the time.  She is not potty trained at night yet.  This is different for me because with the boys I always just got rid of all diapers.  The nights were always so easy with the boys.  Adele is still in a crib so I worry she couldn't tell me if she needed to.  We will work on it- wish us luck looks like we might actually be doing round 3 of potty training and we might be on the home stretch!


Marianne Thayne said...

Love this post! I think it is a great idea to post the artwork I love to see it. Good luck with all you have going on in your life right now. Busy, busy, busy and I will be eagerly awaiting to read details about your future move.

kandis said...

WOW! What a good girl! I hope potty training Brinley is as easy when it's time.