Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day and More

Tyler is the Father of FOUR now!  He is the best Dad ever.  I could write on and on about how wonderful he is.  I'll just sum it up by saying not every Dad knows how to laugh when he is peed on!

 The kids had fun making breakfast for Tyler.  They also made some pictures for him and decorated a tie.
 Titus was so excited to celebrate, he even stayed awake for a little while today (look at those eyes- the yellow is finally going away).
 At church the boys sang with the primary kids.  It gets me every time and they weren't even singing to me they were singing to the Dads.  They are just so cute!

 The kids ran around in the sun this afternoon.  It was so nice out they just had to get wet.

 For dinner we all made our own calzones.  Adele hardly touched hers.  Probably because she filled up on olives and pepperoni before.

 They turned out pretty huge.  I think we will be able to get a couple of meals out of them.

Life with four is going really well.  We love it- we feel so blessed to have these four little kiddos in our lives. 


Debbie said...

Happy Fathers Day to Tyler. I think he is truely a great Father.
The kids look so good, and happy.
I need a copy of that family picture. It looked like a really good one.
And last, but not least, those calzones looked "SO" yummy. I want some !!!!!

Love, Mom

PapaFordham said...

LOVE all the pictures.... Tyler I still can't believe you are a Father of 4!! Happy Father's Day son, you are an amazing Daddy, & Husband & Son, and I love you so much!!! Glad the kids had so much fun with the Seal, that makes me smile... Love, Mom