Monday, June 27, 2011

Kiddo Pictures

Adele looking cute before running out into the sprinkler.

 She thinks she is so funny- climbing into bed with the boys.  She loves to crawl in and say "night night".
 Garret still loving his little brother!
 Titus is growing WAY to fast.  He went to the doctor today and weighed 10 pounds 3 ounces and was 23 inches long.  The doctor said his growth was astounding!
 He is pretty mellow- most of the time! 
 We enjoyed a hot dog and smores night with Anna and family.

 Titus is getting stronger all the time.  He is always moving his head around now looking at whats around him.
 I love the funny faces babies make.  Titus makes great faces, especially when he is sleeping.  He is always doing crazy eyes in his sleep, smiling and lots of funny twitching going on.
Katie and Nicole had a birthday party.  It was lots of fun.  The kids had a great time- there was a pinata, cake and games!

 Saturday we had a garage sale and sold our couches (one was so dead the other was so uncomfortable).  Titus and I took a nap on the floor together.  He slept longer then me and looked so cute all curled up on the floor.
 Tyler and I have started getting ready for Spencer's birthday.  We made this pull string pinata the other night- can you guess the theme?  We have lots more to do to get ready but it's in the works---but ssshhhh he doesn't know the theme yet- its a surprise!!!


Debbie said...

It looks like life is good.

Love, Mom

Bennett Family said...

Your children are all so adorable! If you make it this way at all this summer, we'd be more than happy to meet Titus!! Have a great summer and good luck with all your new adventures!! : )