Thursday, June 30, 2011

Singling Out Spencer

I have to start by saying I LOVE BIRTHDAYS.  I love them for the normal reasons-  It's fun to celebrate and eat cake and all that.  The main reasons I love birthdays are because I get to focus on one kid and not feel bad at all about it.  I get to spend the time leading up to the birthday thinking what they would love, reminiscing about them, and I get to celebrate them. 

I love the birthday traditions we have started.  Some of our traditions are- 
The birthday child gets to pick the meals
Tyler and I make a cake for them and it's always a surprise
Every Four years is a "party" year (4, 8, 12, 16)
The birthday kid gets to pick out one toy from the store

This year is Spencer's 4th birthday.  It's a party year for him. Luckily we have family around because otherwise we might not have anyone to invite.  Enough about the will see how it all goes down when we celebrate on the 4th (we are celebrating a day early because it works better for everyone).

What I really want to do is sit down and write some of the things that make Spencer so awesome!  He really is a one of a kind kid.  I don't know if words or pictures will do him justice but here goes....

 Spencer is turning four but has seemed four for a while now.  I am not sure why.  I guess because he does everything with Garret and doesn't seem almost two years behind him.  Spencer is really bright.  He can read little words, he analyzes things, he is a deep thinker and he just seems to take it all in. 

He has been anticipating his birthday for a while now.  When we go to the store we sometimes talk about what he might pick for his birthday.  Since they don't get to just buy things when they want from the store.  The birthday trip to the store is a real treat and is anticipated for months in advance.  Recently Spencer decided he wants a measuring tape for his birthday.  When I asked him why he said "because then I could measure and see how big I am getting".  I am sure he would pick a measuring tape out...if Titus had not gotten him one (don't tell).  So now I don't know what he will pick, but I am excited to see.  When I ask him what he thinks his cake might be he says either "milk, flip flops or love bugs" because those are some of his favorite things.  I have had fun teasing him lately saying "we are either going to have a packing party or a birthday party".  He is cute because he always very seriously says "I would rather have a birthday party". 
 This last year with Spencer has been great. He has been a very easy 3 year old.  He has moments of course but overall he is just an easy going happy little guy.  Except when he first gets up.  He has gotten better but lots of times he wakes up grumpy then slowly turns back into his usual self.  He is a smiler and has the best big brown eyes.  I really never get tired of looking and his sweet little face.
 Some of the things he loves right now are Lego's, his brothers and sister, snuggling, reading, drawing, wrestling his Dad, puzzles, his love bug shirt, primary, his cousins, singing, dancing, and play dough.  I have decided that four year olds are the cutest to watch with babies.  I love watching Spencer with Titus.  He is just so fascinated by Titus and can't get enough of him. 
 Spencer has a sweet little heart and loves picking flowers for me, drawing pictures to give as gifts, giving hugs when people are sad, his feeling get hurt sometimes and you can just see his little heart hurting.  He tends to brush most things off pretty well. 

He is at a great age for saying funny and memorable things. He keeps us laughing with his insights and smiling with his sentiments.  He keeps us guessing and challenges us with his questions. You never know what you are going to get when he starts talking.  He used to be so quite but now he is full of questions.  He wants to know everything.  He really wants to know too.  Watching movies with him is kind of torture though!  He asks questions the entire time.  I like sticking to movies we have seen because then he already knows the answers.  New movies + Spencer = Non-stop questions!!!
 Some of my favorite things from Spencer's third year of life include (but are not limited too)- 

The snuggles he gives me when he wakes up from his nap.  I almost always get a good hug and a few minutes of him curled on my lap when he wakes up.  I look forward to it everyday.

Watching him learn.  Letters and writing are really clicking and he gets closer to reading everyday.

Watching him gain more confidence in primary and the big group. He was so adorable the week he was the "special" person and he still wears his crown.

Picking fruit with him and the rest of the family.  Working together to freeze and can it and enjoying it together.  Without fail when we pull something out that they helped with I get to hear them say "I helped pick that".

Going to story time and on countless walks together.  We talk the whole way and it's just so fun.  There are no distractions and we just talk.  We talk about tree houses, books, superheros, where we are going to live, jokes and a million other things.

Spencer talking to Titus in my tummy.  He knew all along he was a boy.  I think they formed a relationship long before he ever entered this world!

Listening to him and Garret talk to each other.  They have their own little conversations and they are just so fun.

Playing in the backyard together.  Watching him slowly learn to go higher in the tree, jump higher on the trampoline and finally slide down the slip n slide!

Listening to him sing at church and around the house.

His dance moves.  He has a certain face he makes when he is dancing and it is so classic and is just a Spencer look.

The funny way he talks out of the corner of his mouth when he is being silly.

Watching him try to be like his Dad.  Listening to the things he wants to be and realizing the top of the list is always being a "Dad".

Sharing holidays with him.

Listening to the lessons he gives on family night.  He has a pure and simple testimony of the gospel.  Its beautiful.

 Spencer is a joy.  He is a special kid that makes our worlds so much more complete.  I can't imagine life without this little darling.  I loved him when he was born and have loved each and every day of his life.  I wish I could freeze him how he is.  I would never get sick of him at this age.  I really and truly could have him for a sidekick forever.  At the same time I am enjoying watching him grow so much and can't wait to see who he becomes!  He has great hopes and dreams for the future and I hope they all come true for him.
 I hope that his birthday is a day he will always remember.  I hope that we can convey to him how deeply he is loved.  I hope he feels like the king of the day. 

Spencer we LOVE you so much!  Happy Birthday (in a couple days)! 


Debbie said...

Happy birthday Spencer. When your mom says that you are really special, I know just what she means. I hope you will always know that we all love you.

Love, Grandma Beck

Anonymous said...

What a handsome Birthday Boy.... Have so much fun on your 4th Birthday!!! Your such a good boy to share your
Birthday cookies with everyone!!! We Love you so much and can't wait to hear all about your fun party...
xxxxoooo Grandpa, Grandma and Uncle Trenton