Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Big Decision

I know everyone out there has been anxiously awaiting an update on our future...the wait is over.

I have to start back a few months though so you can fully grasp (or at least partially grasp) what we have been going through. 

Back in November we emailed about a dental practice (sorry there still won't be a lot of details on that practice out of respect for the seller).  The practice was being looked at by someone else so we figured we were out of luck.  We looked into some others but nothing really felt right.

In January we were told that the practice was available again so we went and looked at it.  There was just something about the practice that welcomed us.  We fell in love with the area and started thinking hard about buying the practice.  We met with the seller on several occasions and really got to know him.  He is a very, very nice man.  We were so excited to work with him and transition the practice and take over.  We read books on practice management and filled out so many loan papers.  The banks were tight and we met lots of rejection but we kept feeling like we were suppose to continue pursuing the practice so we did.  That went on for a LONG time.  We tried lots of banks and got lots of advice from dentists, accountants and bankers.  We tried hard to process it all and know whether we should continue to pursue this route.  We knew we wanted to and felt like we should.

Tyler's job ended and although we had casually looked into other jobs we were still set on buying the practice and since we hadn't found another job we found ourselves unemployed for a while.  We kept going on the practice but also started anxiously pursuing other employment.  Tyler signed up to work temp jobs until he found a full time position or we bought the practice.  Then a couple weeks ago he got an interview for a job in Olympia. He went to the interview and came back telling me the people were really nice and the job seemed like a great one.  Then we were thoroughly confused.  We had our "dream" practice that despite our efforts was not falling together like we wanted and we had a chance to join a very nice office and take a job that was secure and full of potential. 

Saying we were torn does not do it justice.  I am not the best at making big decisions.  In the end we decided to take the job and we will be moving to Olympia next week.  We are excited to start the next chapter of our lives, pay of our student loans and settle down some. 

We don't know why things worked the way they did this year.  Maybe hindsight will explain it, maybe it won't.  We know we learned a lot from the process and we met some very nice people.  We hope the owner of the practice knows what a privilege it was to work with him and get to know him. We also know that by holding onto the practice option for so long it caused us to be available for the current job at the right time.  It was a very hard decision to make but now that it is made we are moving forward with it and trying to get ready to start the new job and embrace the next phase.

There you have it....the next stop in our journey....Olympia!


Kristy E.B. said...

That's awesome that you finally know where you're going. Wes's parents live there so sometime after you're all settled we'll have to meet up when we're up there. That would be fun. Good luck with the move!

kandis said...

good luck! you guys will do great no matter where you are.

Marianne Thayne said...

I am so glad to hear you have set plans. Heavenly Father sure knows how to take care of us and I bet in time you will look back and see the exact reason things have gone this way...good luck. Olympia will be closer to your mom and dad, right? Good Luck with the move!!

Steve Bennett said...

Well we are very excited to hear the news that you will be setting up your homefront in Oly! Congrats, to you! Looks like we just found ourselves a new dentist. : ) We will be excited to hear the who, what, where!! Know that we are game to help out in any way we can!!

Lance & Jamie said...

Congratulations! I'm so excited for you guys. That must feel great to have the decision over with. Let us know if you need anything.

kristenita said...

yay! congrats!! can't wait to see how it all goes in Olympia!

kristenita said...

PS I hate big decisions, too!!
too hard.