Sunday, July 31, 2011

Titus's Blessing

We decided to have Titus's blessing the Sunday after Grandpa Camp so that all of my brother's and sister's could be there.  It was a very special morning having everyone together at church and for the blessing.  We are so grateful that we have the gospel in our lives.  We love little Titus, he looked so cute in his little white suit and his blessing was very special. 

 Titus is named after his Great, great, great, great, great, great Grandpa.  We love the name and the story of the ancestor he is named after.  I love that we are blessed to have a heritage of good, righteous people.  I hope that my children can draw from that strength and live lives of faith.  The necklace I am wearing in this picture (and that you will see my sisters and Mom wearing in other pictures) has a bead from my Mom's Grandma (who is also a direct descendant of Titus Billings, our Titus's namesake).  My Mom had a bead from it made into a necklace for each of us.  It was very thoughtful of her and a treasure for all of us.
 I love our family SO much.  Having Titus a part of it just adds to it.  Each one of them is a blessing in our lives.

 Our family has grown so much- can you believe we managed to all be there.  I LOVE them all SO much.  Seriously, my siblings could not have picked more perfect spouses and all the kids are adorable.

 My dear friend Nichole also came.  Nichole and I have been friends since we played on the same volleyball team when we were 13 (maybe 14) I am not sure.  She has a beautiful little family now too.  She is great!  I am so sad she is moving to Kentucky.  The great thing is she is one of those friends that even when we are far apart or time has past when we get back together we pick up right where we left off!
 It was just the best, best, best morning.  Thanks for joining our family little Titus and thank you everyone for being there.

Adele followed it up by napping with Grandma! 


Leah and Joe said...

It was so special to be there for the blessing. We love you guys.

PapaFordham said...

What a special day for Titus and all your family....