Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hmmmm....Not sure what to call this....

I found a few pictures of the moving truck.  It was huge and somehow we filled it ALL the way up.  The kids loved the truck.

We play at the beach whenever we can.  It's in walking distance.  When we get there I admit I feel a Little envious of the parents that have lawn chairs and books in their hands.  I haven't figured out how to carry Titus, push Adele, encourage Garret and Spencer along and get a lawn chair there.  The kids love it so much though that it is worth the effort of getting there.  And it's beautiful.

The beach also has a park by it and a clubhouse with toys for the kids.  They have potlucks and activities.  It's a fun place to live.  It's not where we will be forever but we plan to enjoy it while we are here.
 Believe it or not Garret is starting Kindergarten in a couple weeks.  My sister takes each of her kids out before school to buy what they need and spend some one on one with them.  i think its a great idea so I took Garret on a back to school date this year.  (the whole Garret going to kindergarten is a subject for its own post but not today).  Our date was super fun.  Garret is such a great kid to hang out with.  We talked a lot about going to school.  He is excited and nervous.  He didn't need to much but I let him pick a shirt. I know I have to let him decide some things so I let him choose whatever he wanted.  I admit I had to bite my tongue when he picked star wars.  I just don't get his obsession with it.  He has never even seen it.  But he was happy with it and can't wait to wear it.
 I told him he could pick whatever he wanted for lunch he picked sandwiches!
Adele (and the others too) are missing their cousins.  If we say anything about basketball she says "kyle basketball" if we say what should we do she often says "go kyle-hailey house".  I don't think she understands that her cousin crush lives so far away now.  It's sweet that she loves them so much but sad we can't just run over anymore.

 Now that we are in Olympia which is pretty close to Shelton I have bumped into a couple people from the past. It's fun to run into people and think I know them from somewhere and have memories come back. If anyone reading this lives around us- we are in Olympia now and it would be fun to catch up!

It's been a little over two months since I became the mother to four kids. It's been a very crazy, busy, hectic two months.  It's taken its tole on the kids.  I think they are worn out and trying to figure out all that has been going on.  Despite all of it they are so great.  I think they have come through it really well.  They are such great kids and even though life is busy right now I really enjoy having all four of them.  I think I learn a little more with each kid and even though I don't know everything about parenting I feel like I know enough to be able to relax and enjoy them.  It's hard to get everything done but that's ok, because I know they will grow up way to fast and then I will have too much time on my hands so I just try really hard to soak it all in. 

 It's hard to believe that this little guy is over two months old.  He is such a sweet addition to our family.  He is a little fussy at times and not the greatest sleeper but he is my baby and can do no wrong!  Sometimes I wish I could just hold him all day long.  He is loosing his newborness and getting big and strong.  He is so smiley when he first wakes up in the morning and is starting to make little noises. 
 He has such a funny double chin.  I think it's so cute and squishy. 
I went to the movies with my Mom last night.  It is so fun living near them.  I haven't lived this close since high school and in high school my Mom and I got along but we weren't really at a "let's go the movies" place.  Now I consider her one of my best friends.  We talk on the phone all the time and I call her to tell her little trivial things.  Now we get to be more than phone friends.  I am just continually thankful for the great family I have.

I think that by next week the last of the annoying moving stuff should be done and life will start to find a rythm.  I feel like we missed out on summer this year.  I hope it stays around a little longer so we can enjoy it. Since I can not think of anything else remotely interesting to blog about I guess I better do something productive---like tackle insurance applications---ugh!


Debbie said...

It is so good to see you getting all settled in. The kids look great, and that Titus is sure getting big.
The movie was great, and fun.

Love, Mom

Marianne Thayne said...

It sure looks beautiful where you are at. I am glad you are getting settled.

Sue said...

YOur family is growing so much and looks lovely!