Tuesday, August 16, 2011


So we finally moved.  It took us forever (or at least what felt like forever) to figure out where we were going but once we decided it all went crazy fast.  Tyler accepted a job, took us back to Yakima on the weekend, came back worked all week, went back to Yakima the next weekend and we moved.    He found us a house to rent during that week (once again I wasn't around to help pick it out).  Moving had it's usually stresses (will it all fit, where do I put everything etc) But overall it went really smooth.  A big thanks to those that helped us pack and unpack.

Then as fast as we could we got settled in because about three days after we returned the U-haul Tyler's parents came for a visit.  I will try to get pictures of the house and area up soon but here are a few pictures I do have of our visit with Tyler's parents.  We had lots of fun, sorry about the lack of details I am just trying to get caught up.  But did have a really nice time and we were so glad they made it up here this summer and that they were able to meet Titus for the first time.

We met up with them in Vancouver and visited Leah for a little while.

 Then drove on and met some of Tyler's cousins.  We played at a park with them.  Spencer threw up (so gross) while riding the tire swing.  I cleaned him up and he asked if he could get back on!  It was fun meeting some of Tyler's relatives I had never met.

 Tyler worked some of the time they were here so he missed out on some of the fun.  We went to the children's museum.

 The play place at the mall.  Adele had an accident here-  She was "that kid".
 Tyler's name is now on the door!!!
 Everyone enjoyed the beach near our house.  It will be fun living near such a sandy beach.  There is also a little playground and basketball hoops.

 Everyone worked in the yard some.
 I missed blueberries in Yakima so we went picking here. The berries were small this year but still tasty.
 My parents and Dan, Heather and Ridge joined us for a hot dog roast in the backyard.

We went to church here for the first time.  Everyone was really friendly.  We are anxious to get better acquainted and involved.

 Titus enjoyed getting to know his Grandma and Grandpa.

 We even fit in a few games.
 Thanks for coming, we had such a nice time and look forward to seeing everyone again. 

We are still working on getting settled- seriously moving is such a pain- I will love the day when I never have to switch my address again, cancel and start up utilities and unpack boxes again. 


Marianne Thayne said...

Very nice Rachel. I think you look so good! When you get to unwind you won't know what to do!

kandis said...

i hear ya on the changing address, starting and stopping utilities & unpacking boxes thing!

I'm glad you're there and you are having fun. I'm glad to see debbie in some photos i was beginning to wonder if she was there!

PapaFordham said...

Thanks for having us,I know it was soon after you moved in, but we had so much fun getting to be Grandpa and Grandma and getting to know Titus!!! We loved every minute...

P.S. Kandis, I wouldn't miss all the fun, I am just the one taking most all the pictures.... Hope you and Josh and kids are doing great!!!! Miss you all...

Alicia said...

So fun to see "DDS" next to Tyler's name! You should ask if they can underline it...or put it in bright blue or something. ;)

You are looking fabulous, by the way!!