Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Some people always tell the same story, others like to use the same analogy for everything- for me it's books. 

Garret started Kindergarten today (I'll tell you the details in a minute).  I have known this was coming (luckily he is one of the oldest in his class so I got a little extra time to think about it).  Even knowing it was coming I wasn't ready for it.  I was told I would be ready to send him off.  I wasn't.  I love having him around.  He is a great helper and his siblings adore him- plus he is my baby and even when he is not on his best behavior I love being there to help him through it.  So, it's safe to say I was not counting down for the big day.  I wasn't really dreading it, I know he is a good well behaved kid so I didn't worry about  him getting into trouble, I know academically he is either ahead or up to par with the other kids so I wasn't worried about that. 

Here is where the book analogy comes in- I just hated that for him to start this chapter it meant the last chapter was ending.  I love watching him grow and experience new things.  I am his fan through and through, right there cheering him on as he grows and tries new things- but with each new chapter, I feel a deep down pain knowing that never again will we enjoy the one before.

Having Garret at home day in and day out for nearly 6 years has been a wonderful chapter of my life and his as well.  This is where my book example doesn't work because in a book you can read your favorite chapters over and over but in life I can never experience Garret at 1 again, or relive his first steps, I can never again enjoy his baby voice or marvel as he learns to counts.  There will be new and exciting wonderful moments but the bittersweet feeling comes from knowing that this last chapter has ended.  

I am very grateful that I have had the last six years to spent at home with him, I am grateful that I have enjoyed them.  I don't feel regrets about his first few years.  I look back at them knowing I soaked them in all I could.  I just loved those years so much and I love Garret and that is why a part of my heart went to Griffin today and why I felt like I was missing something all day.

Now about this new chapter of his life- I am thrilled for him. I loved school and know he will too.  I have been so pleased with his school so far and I am sure he will have priceless memories there.  I know this chapter is going to be a great one! 

Enough of all that- here is how the day went for Garret-

A few weeks ago he didn't want to go but we went to a lot of school functions before school started and pretty soon he was eagerly awaiting his first day.  This morning he woke up excited and picked out his Star Wars shirt to wear.  We snapped a pic of him and his backpack- he is such a good looking little guy!

 Then he started hugging everyone!  He told Spencer he would miss him and bring him something back and that they would play when he got home.  (Spence has had a hard time (last night he was screaming "I don't want anyone from our family to go to school, not Titus, not Deli, not Garret NO ONE", but in the end he said "I didn't miss him too much"- whatever you say Spencer, they were sure happy to see each other by the end of the day though).
 Titus missed Garret!  Garret is so kind and gentle with him and loves making him smile.  I think there is a good chance Garret will be Titus's idol as they grow.
 Adele didn't even stop flossing her teeth for the picture but she was the first to burst into tears when we dropped him off.
 I played it tough for all the kids benefit but inside I was mush.  I sure love my boy!
 We all know Tyler is mush.  He fought back a few tears on the drive as we talked about how fast they are growing up.
 Garret held my hand awfully tight as we walked in.  I snapped a pic as soon as we got to the classroom.  He is a little unsure.  But then a second later he spotted a friend from church and everything was better.
 By the end of the day his friend from church (the boy at his table) was his best friend.  They played together all day and in the words of Garret "you never know he might be my best friend my whole life".  Maybe he will!
He was happy to see us when we picked him up.  He is ready to go back and loves it so much.  He said "I wish I could go tomorrow too".  I said "I am kind of glad I get to play with you tomorrow".  He paused then said "when I said I loved school and wanted to be there it doesn't mean I don't want to be with you, you all will always be my favorite people. School was just better then even I thought it would be." 

He loved everything about school and I am so glad.  Hooray!  Day one was a success!  I loved the last chapter of his life and I know we will love this one too.  Great job today Garret! 

And Luckily for me Garret is so in tune with people's emotions.  All evening he was not really clingy but he would come over and hug me and then come over and snuggle up on my lap.  He is a sweetheart!

It's official I have a school age child.  How did that happen?!!!


Debbie said...

You did such a nice job on this entry. I don't really know how you did it. I cried a little just reading it - probably because I know how hard it may have been for you yesterday. I sure do love all of you Fordhams!!!!!!

Love, Mom

kandis said...

I can't believe he is big enough to go to school! It makes me sad for when my kids are old enough to go. I'll be a mess.

does he just go a few days a week all day?

PapaFordham said...

We're so glad that Garret had a good first day at school... This is such a special time in his life, we are so glad that it went well!!! It is alway a little difficult for everyone on that first day, I still remember!!!

Love, Grandma

Marianne Thayne said...

What a beautiful entry. I shed a couple of tears just reading it. I bet he will have many experiences for you to record in your 'chapter book'. I sure enjoy reading.

Alicia said...

What a great post... I have been thinking a lot about homeschooling Sheldon next year for many reasons, but it dawned on me the other day that part of the reason I want to is so that I won't have to actually face the fact that he is growing up. Somehow if he stays home it seems like we're still in this phase and maybe I can draw it out forever. It really is weird to realize that time is passing and they're growing up!

But all the same, it is so excited for them and it will be a great 'next chapter', as you said! Congratulations! =)