Friday, September 30, 2011

Gushing over Garret

Birthday time is here again.  Garret turns 6 on October 4.  In our family we like celebrating on a day close to their birthdays when everyone can be around  (or their actual birthday if everyone can be there) .  So we are celebrating Garret's birthday on Saturday.  I will post about that tomorrow.

Here is a little about Garret at nearly 6-

6 things he is into-
1. Star Wars (he still has never seen the movies and probably won't for a few years but he loves the whole idea of it.)
2. Weapons (This is funny to me only because he is not really a violent kid he just loves playing pretend with them.)
3. School (He loves it SO much)
4. Reading (He loves listening to me read, most recently Narnia and currently Where the Red Fern Grows)
5. The Beach (Everyday he is home he asks if he can go to the beach)
6. Drawing (He loves drawing up the ideas he has in his head).

6 moments that made me proud of him this year-
1. When he came home from school and his eyes lit up as he told me about meeting the kids with special needs and how he wanted to push one of them on the swing.  It was a moment when I knew he understood what things are really important.
2. On Easter he put eggs in Spencer's bag with out anyone asking him too because he had more than Spencer.  There is no doubt that Garret loves his siblings.
3. Garret hiking a mountain to the top. I hope he can climb all the mountains in his life with such enthusiasm
4. Listening to him talk about Church and the Gospel and how much it means to him. I pray he will hold onto that spirit forever.
5. When Garret mastered the monkey bars.  He took a lot of falls first but he stuck with it.
6. Listening to him Read.  I just LOVE it!!!

6 words that describe Garret right now-
1. Emotional (He is very in touch with his emotions and others- 95% of the time this is a Great thing)
2. Thoughtful (He is always thinking about something and has lots of ideas)
3. Excitable (Everyone always knows if Garret is looking forward to something)
4. Determined (He will stick with something if he has his mind set on it)
5. Caring (He is kind and caring to everyone he is around)
6. Rambunctious (This kid can sit still when he needs to but when it's time to play he really plays!)

6 new things he did this year-
1. Started school
2. Moved from Yakima to Olympia
3. Learned to Ride a two wheel bike
4. Fed an Elk
5. Kayaked
6. Shot a blow gun

6 quirky Garret things-
1. He doesn't like string cheese or melted cheese on hamburgers and he doesn't like potatos
 2. He  does a very good impression of the nun on Elf. " But the children love the books"- You will have to hear him!
3. He talks in his sleep.
4. He makes up his own songs and sings while he does lots of different things. 
5. He never goes to the bathroom at school (maybe that's normal but it seems like a long time to me). 
6. He is a Worrier!
Enough categories....

Let me tell you about Garret- He is awesome.  He is a great kid, with a great heart.  He gets excited about life and nervous about new experiences, he wants to do his best on things, he can be loud and crazy one moment and snuggle up the next and quietly listen as I read.  He is full of dreams and hopes for the future.  Sometimes when I am watching and he doesn't know it I am overcome by the fact that "he gets it".  He gets that life is suppose to be embraced, he gets that we are suppose to be there for others, he gets that the most important things in life may not be what everyone else says is most important, he gets that sometimes we have to work very hard for the things we want...He forgets sometimes too, but most of the time he amazes me.  I could not be more proud of the person he is growing into.

I love that tomorrow is all about him.  I hope he enjoys it and that he knows that he has a family that could not love him any  more than we do.  That he is one of the bright shining lights in our lives and that he is a blessing to us all.  I hope that he feels like the special kid that he truly is.


MLE HUNTER said...

Some of Garret's characteristics you used to describe him remind me of my nephew Paxson who's going to be 7 on Oct 11th. Such good characteristics to have. I like the emotional one the best because I think they'll always stay close to the people they love.. aka FAMILY!

PapaFordham said...

Happy Birthday to an amazing, tenderhearted, handsome, smart, kind, 6 year old Grandson... We remember being so excited to meet you when you were born 6 years ago... We couldn't wait to get to Rexburg to hold you in my arms!!! You made Grandpa and I so happy, because you were our first Grandchild... and just thinking about you still makes us happy today...
Thank-you for coming into our lives 6 years ago!!!
Love you forever Garret... Grandma and Grandpa
Have a fun, fun Birthday tomorrow!!!!

Debbie said...

That was a very good description of Garret, and he really is that special. I love watching the young man that he is becoming. I seriously think you will have to keep him for a day or two.

F O R E V E R !!!!!!!!!!

Love, Mom