Thursday, September 29, 2011

Keepin Busy

A very small glimpse of the way we fill our days-

When Titus isn't cryin he's chillin. I LOVE the converse!

 Spencer is a puzzle man.  It keeps him busy for hours and he doesn't need any help...except with keeping Deli girl away.
 Tower building is always fun...except the crashing usually wakes up baby brother...
 Sometimes when I turn around Titus has acquired new accessories.  Pretty sure the kids think he is their toy to dress up.  Speaking of dressing up Adele really likes wearing his clothes.  I wish I had taken a picture of that!
 The older three love playing Tonka or War. 

 Grandma let us crash her house for a doughnut party! 

 Spencer really wanted to wear his hair like this to church.  I had to be the mean Mom and say NO.
 Playing babies.
 With Garret gone a couple days a week Adele and Spencer have become partners in crime. They played Cowboy/cowgirl all morning one day.

 Adele enjoys mimicking me and "feedin her baby".  It's pretty cute.
 I even went out with my Sister (She is technically my sister in law but really she is my sister) for her birthday and some friends for Shelton.  It was lots of fun.
So there you  have it a picture update!


kandis said...

first of all i can't believe you have a 6 year old! OR that Adele is 2! Wow time goes fast! titus looks SO cute in his little man clothes! & Hayden LOVES puzzles too and has for a while & he wanted me to tell you we have that same toy story puzzle!

Lindsey Phillips said...

I just love you all!