Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What's Hot September 2011 Guide

With Fall quickly approaching I knew everyone out there is wondering what is hot right now.  So I asked the experts and here is what they said-

Glowing swords- they are all the rage and are the perfect activity for a family night.  Another perk they can be found in the dollar section at Target.

The Chronicles of Narnia-  Grab a blanket and a cup of cocoa and enjoy a good book together. 
 Showers-  Bath time is still fun, but the shower is the place to be this Fall.
Work- Handouts are totally last season, this season it's all about doing extra jobs at the dental office to earn the spending money (my boys wanted Nerf gun bullets).

 Pig tails-  If you want to sport the latest hair style be sure you have "piggies".
 Suits-  When Sunday rolls around be sure and sport your nicest suit.
 Brotherly Love-  Need I say more, it's always in season.
 Pocket Knives-  If you haven't got one get one, your eyes will light up (at least Garret's did) but be sure and follow the rules (Garret does).

 Bed Head-  Toss and turn all night and you will wake up looking HOT!
 Hands- The latest things for the 3 month olds!  Provides hours of fun...or at least a good twenty  minutes here and there...we will take what we can get.
 Naps-  Can't get enough of them.

New Friends-  Fall is the perfect time for making new friends!  We have spent a lot of our nights getting to know new families.  I can just see our kids growing up together!

 Baking-  One of the greatest Fall activities. Just 
don't step on the scale.

 Oranges- Apparently matching clothes means everything is the same color.  At least that is what it means around here if you ask Spencer to grab clothes for Adele.
 Shades- Keeps the sun out of your eyes...wait a second...who found this model?
 Bus rides- One of the greatest ways to pass a few minutes after school- just ask Garret!
There you have it- now we can all get ready for Fall 2011!


PapaFordham said...

Oh we loved all the pictures, such a treat for the 2 of us!!!! Love, Grandma and Grandpa

Three Lads and a Lis said...

So fun... I'm thinking sleep is totally in right now too - how come my baby doesn't think so? ;)

cntaharrison said...

What a clever way to show off some totally noteworthy pictures. I love your blog! I miss you guys!