Thursday, October 27, 2011

4 Months and 2 years

Adele and Titus had Doctor's visits yesterday.

Titus weighed 19 and a half pounds (above the 95th percentile) and was 27 and a half inches long (above the 95th percentile).  He is a healthy little guy.  He did awesome for shots.  He won't take a bottle for the life of him but he seemed to like the oral vaccine and did great for his two shots.

I was pretty worried about Adele.  She is feisty and I thought the doctor office might bring out some of that.  She did awesome.  She sat perfectly still while they looked in her ears and eyes.  She stood on the scale and she didn't even cry when they gave her her shots.  She is a big girl she weighs 31.8 pounds (93 percentile) and she was 35 inches tall (77th percentile).

Speaking of Adele while writing this she just said "I went potty like the boys". I went to see what she was talking about and she showed me a puddle of pee right outside my front door.  What am I going to do with her?!


Marianne Thayne said...

I laughed right outloud! So cute.

Rachel said...

Love her!

Debbie said...

Love those kids - every one!!!!!!

Love, Mom