Monday, October 10, 2011

Hailey and her family!

We spent a couple days back in Yakima and had a great time.  Hailey was having a birthday party that I was lucky enough to get to help with and she had her baptism which was very very special to attend.

 She had 7 friends over for her party and Anna and I helped them decorate cupcakes.  I had to remind myself it was just for fun and not worry too much how they turned out.  Surprisingly they all thought the cupcakes were beautiful.  Then the boys saw them and I overheard them saying "wow, they did so good".  Awe, to have 8 year old eyes!

 Saturday morning we watched Kyle play football.  How cute are they in their little uniforms and pads!
 Saturday afternoon I pretended to be a photographer (a new camera is on my "someday" list!)

Hailey- The beautiful, spunky, social 8 year old.
 Nichole- The sassy, smiley, cute as can be kindergartner!

Kyle- The athletic, tough and yet so kind 10 year old (double digits- so old).
 Katie- dimples in cheeks, make you laugh kindergartner!
Lydie- Independent, baby of the bunch almost 18 month old!
 Anna and Marc- My brother and sister and great friends.
 I love these kids!
 A beautiful family!

It was so fun seeing them all again!

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Marianne Thayne said...

I love the pictures Rachel. Maybe you can take a picture of me while I am visiting that would be good enough for my Christmas Card???