Sunday, October 23, 2011


We have lots of mole holes on our property (A LOT).  We decided that some barn cats would be a good investment.  But we wanted to get them as kittens for the kids to enjoy.  A couple days after moving here we started looking on craigslist for kittens.  Most of the kittens were indoor kittens and we didn't want indoor kittens, one day we found an ad for kittens raised outside. 

Tyler went to get them but could not go until late at night.  We had planned to have the kids pick out there own but we didn't want to risk someone else taking them.  So, they slept in a box in the laundry room the first night.  The kids did not know we were getting them that night.

We woke up the next morning to Adele saying "whats that noise" over and over again.  I didn't want her to see them before the boys so I ran in their room and yelled "quick get out of bed I hear something".  They flew out of bed ran down the stairs and Tyler said "I think it's coming from that box". They all peaked in together and their reactions were priceless.  They were shaking with excitement and Garret burst into tears. He ran over and hugged me and through his tears said "Thank you Mom".

We let them each name one.  Garret picked up the grey kitty and said "I'm gonna name him Old Dan and teach him to hunt" (we recently red Where the Red Fern Grows) We said that they might get confused since we have an Uncle Dan so he named him Smoky (but is still going to train him).  Spencer named the orange kitten Tiger. And Adele named the Black one Lala.

They run around outside during the day and sleep in the garage at night.  The kids love them and they are the BEST kittens.  They let the kids push them on dump trucks, give them piggy back rides, carry them upside down (Adele is trying hard to be nice).  They never scratch or run away.

The first day Adele's kitten went behind a chair. She said "oh oh oh it wants to play hide and seek.  1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9 I gonna find you". 

Spencer loves having me take pictures of everything his kitten does.  He puts flowers by and asks me to take a picture because it is "so cute".  He puts it in the trees, on the fence everywhere.  He has been around me a lot I can tell because he says "I always want to remember my little Tiger when he was still little, someday he will be a big cat".

 Adele loves them so much she doesn't even want to come in to blow her nose!  Nasty!

We are enjoying our kittens and I am enjoying watching the kids with them.


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You can sure tell that those kids love their kitties.

Love, Mom