Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pre-Halloween (and lots of other randomness)

We have been in our house for a total of two weeks.  Moving makes life busy so I had mentally prepared myself to skip over Halloween this year and hopefully have it together by Thanksgiving.  Apparently that is not an option so in between mowing lawns, water filters, furnace maintenance (etc) we snuck in some Halloween fun and some everyday life.

We decorated cookies with friends Monday night.  (FYI- that light will be going once we get around to it!)

 Spencer and Titus are buddies and Spencer is always asking me to take their picture together.  I thought I better post one.  I hope they stay buddies forever.
 I tried talking everyone into painting pumpkins this year (I know I am not normally such a poor sport).  Don't worry no one went for it.  In the end it was totally worth it.  They loved it.  And they loved their Jack O lanterned shaped pizza that we had before we got started.

 I found myself sneaking into Adele's room a lot this week.  I peek in at her normally but sometimes when I find her to be, shall we say, challenging, I go in more often.  Something about a sleeping baby reminds me why it's all worth it.  (Please don't think that there is anything wrong with Adele, she is one of the most adorable two year olds ever and we could not possibly love her anymore.  She just keeps us busy! This week an extra lot.)
 At Garret's school they recognize kids for "quality work". Garret was one of the kids recognized from his class.  I took the younger three to go watch him and they were perfect and so proud of their big brother. We are all so proud of what a great job he is doing in school.

 All year I had been thinking of great family themed costumes for the us to wear.  I figured since they are all little it wouldn't take any convincing.  Then we moved and I was WAY to busy to make any costumes.  I decided I would be lame and just have them wear something from the dress-up box. 

I do love making my kids happy so at the last minute I looked on-line for Star Wars costumes (no I am not really a fan and this was not my clever idea for a family theme).  I found ones already marked down and coupon codes.  It seemed like a decent deal so I ordered them.  They were thrilled.  (and considering home many times I have been asked if they can wear them to bed....I think they will be well used.)

 Princess Leia, Baby Chewbacca, Luke Skywalker and Han Solo!

 Tyler and I couldn't resist going along with the theme.  So for the church party we wore black and wrote the opening lines across us.   We got a lot of "oh, now I get what you are" comments. 
 The Church party was lots of fun.  The kids costumes were a hit and it was fun seeing our friends.
On a different note. I went to grab my camera and take pictures of Titus when he woke up the other day.  He was so happy.  When I came back Spencer was so proud of the fact that he saw and heard some action while I was away.  Having a baby around never gets old.

 Whenever we have a spare minute we work on the house and whenever the sun shines we work outside.  The kids help whenever they can.  They were pulling weeds for us and didn't want to stop playing with their kittens so they all put them in their hoods.

 Spencer and I tried testing the limits of the front carrier (just for fun of course, as if I would actually lug that kid around, Titus about breaks my back).  He said it was pretty comfortable.

The school put on a Fall Festival so we went.  It was too crowded for our taste but still fun and we like supporting his school.  They had lots of little things for the kids to do.  I'm pretty sure that everyone that saw Adele commented on her cute little wig.  Titus was also a big hit.  Who doesn't love baby Chewy.  Spencer was sure to correct people if they called Titus an Ewok.  It's amazing what they know about Star Wars, considering they have NEVER seen it!  Once again they loaded up on candy and we haven't even done the "real" thing yet. Now I am going to have to try and loose baby weight and Halloween weight- Yikes!

We never made it to a pumpkin patch this year but I think we still fit quite a bit in considering all we have had going on.  The kids are happy so we are!


Marianne Thayne said...

That was great reading. You guys make life so fun for your kids. Cute, Cute, Cute costumes.

Debbie said...

I absolutely love all the pictures, and everything you had to say about everyone. I literally laughed out loud a couple of times.

(-: Love, Mom

Erica said...

That Princess Leia wig is too much!!!!! I love it.

PapaFordham said...

We loved all the pictures and the costumes were great!!!! We got some good laughs too!!! Fun to see pictures of our precious families...
Love, Grandpa and Grandma

Bennett Family said...

This post was so good!! I can't stop laughing at the cuteness of the star wars gang!! What a great idea!! I have never seen any of the Star Wars movies either!! And I'm OLD!! Happy Halloween, Fordham Family!!