Thursday, November 3, 2011

Goodbye October, Welcome November

 I am so glad that October is over.  It was definitely not a bad month- but it was busy.  We celebrated two birthdays, bought a house, moved, met lots of new people, started house projects and celebrated Halloween.  I spent way too much of October thinking about things I wanted- things I wanted for the house, how I wanted the birthdays to go, how to make Halloween fun for the kids.  Now it is November and I plan to continue working on projects but to try and relax and enjoy life a little more.  I want to focus the month on being grateful for the MANY blessings in my life.  Ever since Titus was born we have been deep into trying to figure out the future.  First it was what to do about a job, when to move from Yakima, then it was moving from Yakima and trying to find something more permanent.  Now that our lives are finally starting to find a rhythm I want to enjoy it.

Yesterday as I was taking in the new month and feeling grateful that the last was over I sat and watched the kids bike around and around and around the circle driveway.  I thought to myself- I am so blessed to have this paved circle driveway.  For a moment I did not see all the yard work that is undone- I just saw them.  A circle driveway really is a great blessing.  They never run out of space to bike.  Garret has really mastered his two wheeler and gets more daring each day.  Spencer slowly makes his way around the circle and is convinced he is ahead whenever Garret passes him and is behind him again!  And Adele just chases them on foot!

Today I had to walk the garbage cans to the end of our LONG driveway in the rain.  I had no kids with me and it was very peaceful.  I listened to the rain hit the leaves of the trees, it was as if the drops were purposely playing their own music.  I do not doubt that I will be very sick of the rain at times, but there will also be moments like tonight when it was peaceful and enchanting in it's own way.

Today I was also very grateful for the good school Garret goes to the kind teacher he has.  He had his first conference today.  It was so much fun going in and talking one on one with his teacher.  I knew it would be a good report but it was fun watching him interact with her and learning more about his time spent at school.  He was very concerned going in that his teacher would say he doesn't follow along well in story time with his finger.  When we went in he got very clingy and I said "I think he is just nervous because  you haven't seem him track with his finger well".  My sensitive boy burst into tears and said "I'm trying so hard".  She was very kind and pulled out a paper that said different things they are doing and how he is doing with them.  Under tracking with his finger it said he is doing great.  He was so glad she had noticed and you could see relief flood over him.  He has a high standard for himself.  She has no complaints with him and says he is a joy to have in class.  He is ahead in a lot of areas but doesn't act up when he is bored.  She says she uses him as an example often.  He is quite at school (not at recess, which is fine), he follows directions, he is nice to others.  I don't know the right word for how I felt hearing this good report.  It is very reassuring to know that my little boy knows how to be good even when I am not there to reprimand and encourage.  It felt good knowing that he does his best without me looking over his shoulder and telling him to try harder.  He is such a great kid and I am so blessed by his presence.

Welcome November!  A month to dwell on the blessings in our lives!!!


Rachel said...

You always help me to see the bright side of life. I think you are an awesome mom and a very wise human being! I'm glad we're friends!

P.S. The circle driveway looks amazing!

cntaharrison said...

Rach, I am thankful for your perspective. You have an excellent way with words and I enjoy your blog very much!

Alicia said...

What a great post - I loved reading every bit of it. I've felt like I've been in a funk the last week, and after reading your post I can see that I have no reason to be - it's just my attitude.

It really is a neat feeling to hear that your child has wings of their own and they are flying in a good direction when you aren't there.