Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Little Bits of Thankfulness

 I am thankful for good books and a sense of humor.  Seriously, its been a couple weeks since we read Where the Red Fern Grows and I still am hearing about how they want "Red Bone Coon Hounds".   The boys told Adele today to say "I want a red bone coon hound" and she marched around saying it all morning.  I am so glad they loved the book and can't get it out of their heads.  You can tell a book is good when you think about it long after you read it.  And I am thankful that I can laugh at their pleas!

I am thankful for the kids in Garret's class.  I don't know most of them very well but I know that they had a chance to be mean and didn't.  Yesterday Garret was at school and had to go to the bathroom.  He went to use the classroom one and someone was in there.  The teacher gave him permission to go the the bathroom in the hall.  He couldn't find it and had an accident.  This kid never has accidents and I can picture how devastated he must have been.  I know him so well I can almost guess his thought process and how worried he was. The nurse gave him a set of clothes (which I am not sure why because he has extras in his backpack just in case) and he went back to class.  He said no one said anything but he knows they all noticed.  A big thank you to those kids for not making my little boy hurt emotionally.  And thank you to the parents that taught them how to act.

I am thankful for caterpillars.  If there were no caterpillars I could not have enjoyed a very funny moment on Sunday.  Our hall closet where we hope to put all our shoes is under repair so the kids kick their shoes off outside a lot of the time.  Garret had left his dress shoes out on the porch the Saturday night.  Sunday morning he ran out and got them.  At the end of church (which is three hours long) he came to me and told me that a caterpillar was in his shoe but he didn't know what to do with it so he had just left it there.  Poor sweet boy that doesn't like drawing attention to himself (at least not in large groups).  I thought he had been walking funny, I guess he was trying not to squish it- he didn't succeed.  It was not in very good shape when he showed it to me.  I stifled my laugh and told him to dump it out and get rid of it.  It wasn't really a cute one either it was a green hairless one.  You should have been there it was great!  I admit it may not have been quite as funny had it been a slug.

I am thankful for new jammies.  Tonight when I put Adele in her jammies they were some bigger ones I had just pulled out for her.  She immediately put them on and said "I look adorable".  She has no shame!

I am thankful today for paper.  If there were no paper I am not sure what I would find the million little picture Spencer makes for me on.  He is always drawing me pictures and hiding them for me or giving them to me.  He is getting pretty good.  I think he has drawn on an entire trees worth of paper I will never get tired of them!  (What better way for a tree to go!)

And one last bit of gratitude for the day goes out to my Grandma.  I love that she came over to see my house today.  How blessed I am to live near enough now that I can have her over.

There is no way to capture all my blessings but its fun singling out a few.  Isn't November a wonderful month?

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Marianne Thayne said...

I just love reading your words Rachel! You help anyone who read appreciate the little things in life.