Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Music and Memories

Dear Josh Groban-

I have always been taught "Give Thanks, Where Thanks is due".  My thanks are due to you.

 First I must thank you for the magical moment you helped create on my first date with Tyler.  We danced as you sang (on the radio) in a parking lot- it was perfect and according to Tyler it was the moment he knew I was going to be his dancing partner FOREVER. I admit I didn't know what he knew(it took me a little longer) but it was magical all the same.

Then you came through for us again at our wedding reception.  We were married that morning, we celebrated with family at a luncheon then we had a simple but lovely reception with so many friends.  The day was perfect and at the very end before we drove off as two married people we danced as you sang.  It was beautiful.

Since then Tyler and I have continued to dance as you sing in the background.  If we ever hear your music we look at each other and smile and we are both caught up remembering all the times we have danced as you sang.  We smile because we know we will be dancing for years to come.

I must tell you there was a time when I thought your music was meant only to get Tyler and I up dancing.  Then you entered our lives again...this time singing on a holiday CD.  Now all year I anxiously await the time when I can pop it in and listen as you fill our car and home with the most beautiful Christmas songs (#2 is my Favorite).  We don't normally get up and dance, we hold hands as we listen and sometimes we sing along.

 Awe, the Christmas season.  Awe, the beautiful music. Awe, the magical moments.

Thank you for the music!!!  Thank you for the good memories it invokes!!! Thank you for the new ones it is creating!!!

A fan,


***I realize Good Old Josh will never see this (especially since my blog is not suppose to come up on search engines- dang).  But seriously I could listen to it all day!  We have had Drummer Boy on repeat and the kids are starting to sing along---doesn't get much better than that!!!