Monday, November 7, 2011

Sunday Thankfulness

My Family Name-  Now that I leave near where I grew up and where my parents still live it almost feels like I should introduce myself with my maiden name and my married name.  It is weird seeing or calling people I used to know and not calling myself a Beck.  When people do find out I am a Beck we always find connections.  My parents know  a lot of people and I am thankful that when people find out that I am a Beck it is always met with excitement and story telling.  I am glad I come from a family that I can be proud of.  I had one of those "oh, you're a Beck" moments Sunday and it made me once again grateful for my background.

Another quick bit of Sunday gratitude goes out to my crock pot.  Strange I know but that crock pot has cooked me many Sunday dinners.  There are few things that can beat walking into the house after church, hungry and tired, and meeting up with the aroma of a dinner already made and ready to eat.  Tyler made Chili Sunday and I am not joking when I say it was right up there with my Moms (and that says a lot).  We have so many conveniences all around us and the crock pot is one I am very thankful for.  I love being able to get dinner already early when the day is still fresh and I am motivated.  I love that when the end of the day crazy hours are upon us I do not have to cook while wrestling kids.  Yes-sir-re I love my crock pot!  (If only I knew more good recipes that I could cook in it- I might just use it every night!)


Sarah said...

You are such a great mom Rachael! My sister just sent me this crockpot blog. I haven't really checked it out that much myself, but I thought I'd share:

Sarah said...

I meant Rachel! Sorry!

Garth, Melissa, Hugh, Graham and Angie said...

How about you share Tyler's recipe for your next post? And a few of your other favorite crock pot recipes? I'm in the same boat, I LOVE using it but only have 3 recipes that are "family approved." I'd be grateful for that :)

Anonymous said...


I love my crockpot too and you can make just about anything in it, just yesterday i fixed a pretty good stew, just like my Mom use to make and with just the 2 of us now, we will eat it for a few days and maybe even freeze a little!!! I'd love to share some recipes with you, if you like.... Debbie